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Announcing OutPost I: Back to the Future!

Online Play

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Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

Hey, Ash, welcome. If you go back to the first post in this thread, there is a link to the spreadsheet to sign up for games.

Our games are play-by-post, so our games take weeks, rather than hours. We do have an official start date of March 5, so the games will start then (or perhaps a day or two later). Players are usually going to be expected to post at least once a day, but it's up to you to pick when in the day you log in and post what your character does.

If you would like some help with how play-by-post Pathfinder Society games work, please come post HERE and we can answer all your questions. I'm also happy to answer any questions you send to me by private message.

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

I have had to move people around a bit on the OutPost spreadsheet to get as many tables to be legal as possible. I have notified the players and GMs involved whenever possible, but in a few cases I was unable to find the username, so not able to send a notification.

Also, there are still a few open player slots, and a waiting list for low level characters!

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

There are several new tables of low level games available, and we are working to make one or two more available also. Everyone who was on our wait list has a seat at GM Brew's table of God's Market Gamble (line 57).

If anyone still does not have a game to play, please sign up! If the seats are all taken, put yourself on the waitlist and we will help you find a game.


I have a player signed up at my table, but they haven't given any more information than their player number. Thoughts on how I can locate them?

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

I can ask someone with access to look that up. It might not be until after the weekend, but I'll PM you with that information.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

Investigating now.


Fake reporting a scenario... type in their number, and see what name pops up! (might need to go down to a -1)

At which point, it pops up a PC named Sum Ting Grymm ... who belongs to a user name: Pope_Lunchbox

Not surprising he might miss some info for this, looks like a first timer =)

Of course, if someone just typed the number wrong, all bets are off!

Scarab Sages ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Any word on when we could expect Mods that will need for GMing?

Liberty's Edge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I just took one of my characters out of the game I had signed him up to play (line 54, PSS 3-06, Song of the Sea Witch, tier 3-7). Looked like a good group, but the group this PC has been part of for the past year decided to start back up right away instead of going on hiatus during Outpost, and I'm signed up at two other tables with different characters.

Just wanted to let you know that there may be room for someone on the waiting list to move to that table.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

GM Gustavef wrote:
Any word on when we could expect Mods that will need for GMing?

Tonya sent me an email to expect a drop soon. I am crossing my fingers that this is so!


Could future OutPosts please include in the FAQ one specific place to post and watch for game thread links? I've been running back and forth between the spreadsheet, this thread, and the gameplay, discussion, and recruiting threads for Flaxseed... all of which have contained different sets of link announcements. (None of which, worryingly, has included the game I'm signed up for yet.)

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

Nekome, what you are seeing are duplicates. I believe every muster has been happening on either Flaxseed recruitment or else Castamir recruitment (if it's Starfinder). Some GMs have also been doing an in-character recruitment for their game. We ask that all GMs post a link to their thread, because that way players who miss the mustering call can still find their way to the game.

Judging by the number of games that do not yet have a link in the spreadsheet, there are many games that have not mustered yet, so I would not be concerned.

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent aka Redelia

If you're GMing an OutPost game and have not yet mustered your table, could you please do so in the next day or so? We would like to know about any issues early enough we can take care of them.

** Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East

Can do!

The Exchange ⦵⦵

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Table is all set up for my running of Live Exploration Extreme! Zo! is expecting you. If the following players could please dot the discussion thread I would greatly appreciate it. Only so much pre-rollplaying to be done for this one as the scenario doesn't come out for another week.

  • Caro Cogitatus
  • cartmanbeck
  • jooker
  • vlaovich88
  • Nefreet
  • Uktar

**** Venture-Agent aka Magabeus

Will the following players gather for my Outpost run of the First Mandate here

Agent Eclipse
Christopher Wasko

And also the player with the PFS ID 74294 who did not put in a player or character name

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