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Sovereign Court

So, how does Spring Heeled Reaping interact with the new improved/greater spring attack feats. Spring heeled reaping gives you a second attack when spring attacking at your full BAB. Improved gives you a second attack at -5 BAB and greater gives a third for ones at -5 and -10 BAB.

Now would you get two attacks at full BAB and then the extras on top of that, or would they just replace each other such that you get one at full, another at full or -5 BAB depending on which feat you use and then a final one at -10?

Liberty's Edge

Technically, per the wording, you choose between them.

I'd absolutely allow stacking as a GM, though.

Ooohhhh... now put them all on a Courser Swashbuckler

Swift Strikes (Ex): At 11th level, the courser can spend 1 panache point to target two separate creatures when she uses the Spring Attack feat. She rolls the attack once and compares the result to each target’s Armor Class separately. Additional damage—such as from a critical hit or weapon property—applies to only the first target struck. Her movement still provokes attacks of opportunity normally from any creature she doesn’t attack.

Sovereign Court

Yeah, I have this built on a starknife using Courser. Was just interested if you could get a form of pounce with all these.

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