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Ideas for a xenoblade 2's Driver and Blade build


I'm preparing to start a new game and making some lv1 characters for fun and was thinking about how to make one of those.

For those not in the know, a Blade is a weapon that has a physical avatar that fights alongside it's Driver. Passing the weapon from one to another (they share the weapon instead of having one for each)

I think this would end up in the realm of summoners or something similar but I have absolutely no idea of how to make this work or if it's even possible, so any sugestion is welcome.

Dancing weapons (or things like the hand of the apprentice ability) are possible if that's how it works, or summoning as you mention if it creates a person. If the latter it does sound like a natural for a summoner's eidolon.

Any more details on how you want it to work?

The way I think would make most sense and be interesting at least in theory, would be to be able to add combat feats and the like into the weapon, so as long as the summon or summoner are wielding it, they would be able to use it effectively while the other would support with their own spells and personal skills, making them change the wielder of the weapon useful to deal with different situations.
Seens like the more I think about it the less possible it seens to be made.

I just found the bladebound magus archertpe and it's pretty close to what I had in mind. It's somewhere between that and the summoner. Imagine that the black blade can make an avatar and wield itself. Thats the idea!

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