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Looking for a local drink from Korvosa to buy and donate to Temple of The Drunken Hero in Absalom.


Scarab Sages

Being a devotee of Cayden Caliean in a homebrew game, my first level character is sailing from Korvosa to Absalom and I wonder if anyone can give me any suggestion on a drink that I can buy and donate to Temple of the Dunken Hero in Absalom? I have 100gp to spare so I think I'm looking for a keg-size drink with a stated price, based on Pathfinder Material.

Thanks for helping me, I appreciate it.

To my knowledge, most of the famous drinks in Korvosa aren't exactly available in keg form. The only thing I can find which probably qualifies is Chelaxian pepper whiskey (EDIT: available in Jeggare's Jug in Old Korvosa), but it doesn't sound like a Korvosan specialty.

If you're willing to settle for cocktails, the Sticky Mermaid serves something called fishjack, which is an unnamed potent spirit garnished with salmon eggs. The most (in)famous drink I can think of is the Overlook's This-n-that, which is just whatever the bartender can find mixed together. Sour wine, snot, dishwater, and a whole ton of alcohol. Our party has to physically stop our gnome wizard from ordering it every time we're in the neighborhood, in fear that he would simply die from taking a sip.

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