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Homebrew Half-Verthani Template


Hello everyone!

I'm GMing Starfinder and one of my players wants to play a Half-Verthani. Which there aren't really rules for at the moment. So I took a moment to build a template and would like your opinion. Does this look too broken? is it okay? What should I tweak?


Ability Adjustments: +2 to any 1 ability (except INT), +2 INT, -2 STR
Hit Points: 4


Size and Type: Half-Verthani are Medium Humanoids with both the Verthani and Human subtypes.
Bonus Feat: Half-Verthani select one extra feat at 1st level.
Easily Augmented: Half-Verthani have spent a long time implanting devices into their bodies. A half-verthani can install an additional augmentation (cybernetics only) into one system that already has an augmentation.
Half-Breed: For effects targeting creatures by type, Half-Verthani count as both humans and verthani (whichever effect is worse).
Skill Focus: Half-Verthani take after both ancestors and are highly skilled, though when in practice they take after their verthani heritage more and individually they tend to focus on a particular discipline. Half-Verthani gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat.
Skin Mimic: Half-Verthani can manipulate the pigments in their skin at will and with astonishing precision, creating bright decorative patterns or deceptive camouflage. A half-verthani who stays stationary for 1 round gains a +10 racial bonus to Stealth checks (this bonus doesn’t stack with the invisibility spell or similar effects). If the half-verthani takes any action, she loses this bonus until he once again spends 1 round remaining still. A half-verthani wearing clothing or armor that covers more than one-quarter of her body can’t use this ability.

A Half-Verthani's average height is 6-8 feet tall and their average weight is 150-250 lbs. The Age of Maturity for a Half-Verthani is 18 years old. Maximum Age is 90+2d20

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Its not going to break the game by any stretch, but it looks like it will have all of the bonus of both races and no real down side.

Its not going to overly effect the game though as its really just a Verthani with a free bonus feat and what will likely be a +2 Dex instead of +2 Con. But it will be a bit stronger than most races due to the sheer adaptability of it due to these factors.

Overall though if you and your players are happy with it nothing there is going to destroy the game, but I'd get your other players feedback due to this getting all the benefits of human and verthani and no real drawbacks
(the half breed rule will never really come into play unless you make a bunch of stuff that targets racial types like verthani, and then it will seem like you are picking on the player with that oddly specific level of threat)

I'm assuming they are wanting to play a sneaky cyber'ed up character so be prepared to deal with 21+dice roll stealth checks at level 1 if so lol

Do you think it would more balanced to just get rid of the Bonus Feat? And drop the Half-Breed since nothing really targets based on Subtype?

At that point it's basically the Verthani Template except for the +2 to whichever stat. Looking at the Half-Elf and Half-Orc I could get rid of the things specifying the +2 INT and -2 STR and just leave it as the +2 to whatever.

Maybe swap the Skill Focus for the Skilled that Humans get?

The Skin Mimic I'm not too worried about for the boost to Stealth since the player would have to run around in a swimsuit to use it cause of:

Paizo's wording wrote:
wearing clothing or armor that covers more than one-quarter of her body can’t use this ability.

I just changed pronouns/made it Half-Verthani instead of saying Verthani. Unless they strip down all they'll be able to do is use it to flash emotions colorfully.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The easiest way to tell if it falls in line is to look at it and ask if you would ever play a Human or a Verthani instead of this (strictly on a rules basis). If the answer is no then its generally to strong.

But saying that nothing in the template is going to break your game and after say level 2 or 3 no ones even going to notice it anymore (as class level will quickly make racial stuff irrelevant)

I guess if you wanted it more in line then i'd say:
*Drop either the bonus feat or the easily augmented rule (let the player choose to show which parent they most favor)
*Making it just a plain +2 to a single stat of the players choice
*Allow the Player to chose between Skill Focus and Skilled (Again to show the parentage they take after there)
*Bump Hit Points to 5 (to show that while not +2 con level they are generally heartier than average)

That way they still have a super adaptable template but don't just get the best of everything, but the template still allow a great deal of customization to fit the play style they are after

Thank you for working with me on this.

My player loved the version you helped me get to with this.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

No worries at all, glad to hear the player is enjoying it

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