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Does energy damage of the same type stack with itself on the same attack?

Rules Questions

Say I'm an Ifrit, with the Bloodrager Elemental Bloodline, who gains the fire damage on melee attacks, then I gain the feat Elemental Strike, which as an Ifrit, nets me more fire damage on those same melee attacks. Do these stack? I'm in the middle of making a Lightsaber Build and want as much fire damage as I can manage to make it realistic, but if they don't stack that would be a shame.

And before you say I can't use two swift actions at the same time for these two abilities, Leadership with a wizard or sorcerer cohort that knows Contingent Action will be apart of this build, so I can get two swift actions off at the start of the battle for a little extra damage.

Damage stacks just fine. It's typed *bonuses* that (often) don't, and those aren't involved here. That is, while the extra damage is a "bonus" in the English sense of the word, it's not in the technical PF sense.

You can even get your lightsaber enchanted with the flaming property to add some more! It's all good.

You could not however do the flaming weapon property twice on a weapon - Only flaming or Flaming burst. Otherwise who would not do a +1 Flaming/Flaming Sword for that +2d6 of one element on any weapon?

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