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Doom stat blocks for Starfinder


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Starfinder and DOOM go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Presented for your enjoyment are many of the demons of the DOOM video games statted up for Starfinder.

Starfinder DOOM

I’m no developer, and I’ve never shared my home creations before, so please take it easy on me.

Design notes:
I love DOOM and wanted to see how easy to use the Alien Archive’s NPC/monster creation tools are. These stats are not 1:1 translations of the video game demons, and to help it feel like Starfinder I added abilities such as spell-like abilities, fast healing, and more. I went for a wide array of CRs to support more levels of play. There are a few quirky bits mixed in for fun.

From playtest my favorites are the Spider Mastermind, Mancubus/Cyber-Mancubus, and of course, the Cyberdemon. Not all have been tested, and I’m sure there are a load of errors and formatting issues, so let me know what you think. Also, in effort to keep in in-universe with Starfinder, I changed the names of some demons to reflect that the native denizens of Hell are devils.

Thank you

They all look pretty solid but thats only with a quick skim. My players are in a bit of a slow spot and might test a few of the higher level stuff on them to see how they run.

Have you had a chance to try them out yourself?

Liberty's Edge

Yay for more monsters. :) These would be right at home in a gritty horror themed SF game.

The DOOM games were fun to play.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you!

I haven't tested the Lost Soul, Summoner, Cacodemon, Revenant, or Arch-Vile yet. The monsters below CR 1 were all defeated rather quickly, but it felt okay. Mancubi were fun on my side of the screen, as is blasting a PC with the Cyberdemon's Mephistophelean Discharge. *evil grin*

Good to see some free DOOM stuff for Starfindin' out there. ;)

What about the 25º gen for players?
I do't know if in the game...

Your missing something Goat Lord.


Nice! I should have statted him up. Maybe I will...

Playable class.

Sadly, that's probably beyond me, but I would assume the Doom Slayer would have some bonus to Intimidate and penalty to Diplomacy. He can also spend 1 RP to skip exposition.

Wow. I did a quick run down on two options on the convert iconic characters thread.

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