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the prices of minatures are they worth it vs the price do you buy cases? or boxes ive seen some of the figures on here for 6-7 bucks how do you get minatures for adventures packs or do you buy pawns for it which is better or pros and cons of each?

-Cheaper, by far.
-Harder to get just one or two specific pawns you need, unless you print your own.
-Less prone to breaking when they get dropped
-More vulnerable to water damage

-More expensive
-More durable in many ways, although prone to breakage when dropped
-Often more customizable, especially if you're skilled at kit-bashing and doing your own painting.
-Higher "cool" factor.

I generally use pawns and home-made printed paper minis for goons, hordes, or anything where the character involved doesn't have a name.

I generally use minis for PCs, significant recurring NPCs, major monsters, major villains and henchpeople - generally anyone who the PCs will feel a major sense of accomplishment for dealing with (win, lose, or draw).

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I think I agree with AaronUnicorn on the pros and cons, although the minis I use are Reaper Bones so the breakage isn't an issue.

We only use miniatures for the PCs and their familiars/animal companions. We also sometimes use unusual things instead of miniatures. The little lego cats are adorable and can be used for some animal companions.

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No, really. It's a the cool factor.

I mean, how can you beat this Black Magga homebuilt?

Or this combat scene in Caizarlu's lab?

Then again, I've accumulated a *lot* of miniatures. I completed my home-painted figures with two mega cases of Paizo/wizkids pre-painted plastic figurines, and they are quite acceptable on the gaming table.

I understand that paper "minis" are better than nothing, and good for small budgets, but nothing can compare to actual painted figurines, especially if you've got appropriate decors to go with them.

I don't use pawns, but that's mostly because I've been building most of my minis using LEGO since long before I started playing Pathfinder.

However, one of our local PFS GMs uses both pawns and minis. He finds the pawns vastly easier to store, transport, and organize, so has been leaning towards using them more and more. This summer, when he was prepping for several scenarios he was running at Gen Con, he rhapsodized about how easy it was to just make up a Ziploc bag of pawns for each adventure instead of carting a big miniatures case everywhere.

I just want ALL the pawns! I love them so much more than I did my large collection of D&D minis back in the day. I love that I can literally have everything I need. I love that they’re so easy to organize and find. And you can pretty much buy every one that has ever been printed for less than the cost of one case of minis...except for the Monster Codex...HURRY UP AND REPRINT THAT ONE ALREADY!

Pawns look great. They're affordable and easy to store. Minis are fun to use as well, but I try to use them sparingly to make storage easier.

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My buddy has a ton of minis that we use when applicable (all stored at my house since we game there). These have been collected over years of gaming. I also have 7 pawn boxes plus the pawns for 5 APs. The AP pawns are great for specific creatures, particularly named bosses, though there are no gargantuan and colossal pawns (boo! though I understand their reasoning and agree). It is strange when we insert the colossal red dragon in place of the blue dragon, however. :)

I prefer pawns due to ease of transport, for the most part.

My one complaint about the pawn collections (for the AP's, anyway), is that the collection pretty much always doesn't have a pawn for at least one (usually several different) named enemies that appear in the path. They also typically don't have enough of a given pawn for a common encounter that appears in the path.

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I typically use minis for PCs and pawns for NPCs/monsters. PCs are in the game enough that they're typically worth the couple of bucks per vs a baddie that's only around for 5-6 rounds of combat. Plus, it helps identify teams on the battlefield more easily if they're different from each other.

That said, when a villain is particularly important I'll sometimes get a mini. Or enormous - I love me some of the Gargantuan minis for sheer scale when you get a Rune Giant to the table.

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