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whats that class

Advice and Rules Questions

i'm fairly positive that i read some were about a class that at level 1 got to use their int to ac like how monks get wisdom to ac and i cant seem to remember the name of it any one know that class?

I haven't heard of a glass (magic item?) or a class that lets you do this, although maybe some archetype that I missed does. Charisma to AC, yes -- the Lore and Nature Oracle Mysteries have Revelations for this, but I don't' know of anything equivalent for Intelligence.

Liberty's Edge

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Kensai Magus and Duelist PRC (and a few others) do this but they require more than a one-level dip.

As far as I've seen all the Int-to-AC classes give one AC per level up to your int mod.

i coulda swarn it was from either drop dead studios or dreamscared press but i cant find it now

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I think it's a PRC...

no it was definitely a 3rd party full class

The freebooter class (Freeport: The City of Adventure, Green Ronin Publishing) has a defensive training class ability that has options for adding Int or Cha to AC, but IIRC they don't get it until 2nd or 3rd level. (Sorry, not at home at the moment, so don't have access to my book.)

Checking my 3pp library I found these:

Mnemonic from Liber Influx Communis by Amora Games gets it at 2nd level.

La Rosa from Alternate Paths Divine from Little Red Goblin Games gets Canny Defense at first level.

Unarmored and Dangerous by Purple Duck Games offers a number of archetypes with Canny Defense at first level, for the rogue, ranger, alchemist, summoner and two for the magus. It also has two new classes with it, the Boxer and the Fencer.

The Swordmaster by Dreadfox Games gains a deflection bonus equal to class level, up to his intelligence modifier.

none of the canny defense options are it, it was a copy paste of the monk ac bonus bit with int instead of wisdom, shoulda bookmarked it >.< cuz i wanted to use it with my character that diped scaled fist monk and sacred fist warpriest to have all mental stats to ac

Dervish Defender archetype of Warder. As long as you are dual-wielding, wearing light or no armor, and wearing no shield bigger than a buckler, you get Int to AC. (Also get full BAB and d12 HD)

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