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Aru's Analog HTML Character Sheet

Starfinder Accessories

Grand Lodge

It's yet another character sheet.

Download it, fill it out in any browser (I recommend Chrome), print it, or save/load your characters locally for later use.

Includes an expanded 4-page layout with full-page inventory sheet and Starfinder Society inventory tracking sheet.

By design, it has no auto-fill/auto-calculation. (Thus the Analog property.) Any auto-fill/auto-calculation added in future releases will be optional.

Please report any glitches in this thread of the Github issue tracker for it.

Grand Lodge

Updated with some bugfixes, text alignment fixes, and a larger abilities box.

Doesn’t work on my iPad. I just get a bunch of code.

Grand Lodge

iOS is the one platform I don't own to test on, but can you link a screenshot?

Grand Lodge

Still not sure what's up with iOS, but updated with readability improvements and more bug fixes.

Edit: merged CSS and JS inline to fix some Android issues. Untested if this helps on iOS.

Grand Lodge

It's becoming increasingly less Analog as I add more buttons to do optional auto fill.

Also, there's now a starship sheet which will calculate DCs for you based on the starship combat FAQ adjustment.

Thanks for this Aru !

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