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Starfinder NPC stats


Scarab Sages

Now that Alien archive is out and we know how to make NPC statblocks . . .

Well, I know we are going to get some NPC class-stats coming to Starfinder with the next splatbook which is Four and a half months out, but for those of you who were looking to inject some NPCs into your game, I thought I'd put up this document. It's a series of NPC stats that I am making for my upcoming homegame, so I thought I'd share them.

The first four I have are Solarians, two level 1s, and 2 level 2s.

NOTE: For the level 2 solar armor solarian, I used the lesser shadowstaff, which only does a d4, not a d6. To keep his damage somewhat consistant, I added 1 to his damage roll (so he does 1d4+7 instead of 1d6+6). This increases his minimum damage by 1, but reduces his maximum damage by 1 from the base book. If you feel that's inappropriate, you can just have the lesser shadowstaff deal 1d6+6 damage in his hands for handwavey-GM reasons.

I hope to be adding more to this soon.

NPC Statblocks

Scarab Sages

Added some more stuff. Anyone finding this useful?

The Exchange

I'm prepping for a campaign and working on NPCS and such, so this will be helpful for me going forward. Thanks!

Scarab Sages

owenstreetpress wrote:
I'm prepping for a campaign and working on NPCS and such, so this will be helpful for me going forward. Thanks!

Any others you are looking for? I'm thinking of making some level 3 soldiers (the Aeon Soldiers in the base book do not work, their AC is SIX higher than it should be.)

The Exchange

Nothing particular at the moment, but I'll keep an eye on the collection going forward!

Scarab Sages

Added a new section for Mechanics and a CR 1 mechanic. Went slightly political, hopefully no one minds, I wrote it late at night.

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