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Scarab Sages ***** ⦵⦵

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Star Chaser (Lúrëandilúnon in Elvish), the Kyanite Sage (Gem Info)

A friend is simply an enemy who has not revealed himself:

Name: Star Chaser (Lúrëandilúnon in Elvish), the Kyanite Sage (Gem Info)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Snowborn Half-Elf
Class: Ancient Lorekeeper (Lunar) Oracle 11
Description: Star Chaser is a snowborn half-elf who was raised in the human town of Aaminiut near the Crown of the World. His hair is white and eyes a luminescent icy blue. Always with him is the white wolf named "Elvanna" in memory of a tragic figure from his travels before joining the ranks of the Jeweled Sages. He wears celestial armor beneath his dark blue traveling clothes and carries a quarterstaff bearing entwined black-and-white symbols of Nethys upon it.

Artwork from years ago when I could still afford to commission portraits of my characters.

Congratulations to everyone who has attained their Sage Jewel! Your friendly neighborhood geologist applauds all of your mineral choices!

Scarab Sages ***

Emily Savage, the Aquamarine Sage:

NameEmily "Screwloose" Savage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Undine
Class: Cleric (Herald Caller) 10
Description: Emily is a female Undine born in an underwater village near the coast of Magnimar. She had always been a strange one, but one day when exploring near the coast she came upon a strange scene: an old human male, seemingly conversing with several birds. When the conversation seemed over, she saw something astonishing; the birds flew off, and so did the old man! She was baffled, and the only conclusion she could make was that the birds had shared the secret of flying.

Obsessed with this newfound knowledge, Emily set out on an adventure. While she had no success whatsoever with interrogating birds, she did come across a glorious religion in Magnimar: Ylimancha, the Harbor Wing. This deity granted it's devout followers the power of flight, and Emily considered herself one step closer her newfound dream.

Now dressed in a white nun outfit with golden accents and riding a Giant Chameleon named Wingnut, Emily travels the world. She spreads the word of Ylimancha, telling everyone that all are capable of flight if they are truly faithful. And although she may not seem to be completely sane, the fact she can summon flying animals that aren't supposed to be able to fly, might mean she's actually on to something here.

Gem Info

Scarab Sages

Name: Sirrug
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Class: Kineticist 10
Description: Sirrug never relied much on weaponry, but he does enjoy his toys and trinkets. Growing up as a Garundi with bright red hair meant he stood out and was often accused of being half-Ulfen and not a true child of sands. Since he picked up a trinket that lets him easily don illusions, the odds of meeting Sirrug in his natural form have dropped significantly. However, when you do, that usually means his travelling companion (a young lap-dragon* who flies off whenever anything scary happens) has gotten into his pack and is badly pretending to be a cat.

Though he had seemed destined for a life of petty robbery, that changed very quickly and dramatically one night. The details are a mess, he barely remembers much of it himself, but the three thugs (from some Avistani place or other) died from a mix of suffocation and burns while Sirrug stumbled his way back to a safehouse only to find a letter addressed to him requesting his assistance and promising passage to Absalom.

From then, his tale has covered a variety of strange outings, quite significantly including a time-sculpting ritual that Sirrug later participated in preparing. Just in case, Sirrug decided to start a caravan company based on some of his oldest memories.

As his outings grew stranger, his innate power has grown to more echo the legends and deeds of Osirus, while his form has gradually shown more traits of a probably draconic heritage. As much as loves bragging that he is a descendant of Apsu and Osirus, he will admit that he's fairly sure the overwhelming majority of Garundi (among all the races of the continent) are probably descended of Osirus's court in one way or another and that dragons seem to frolic with other races fairly often.

Most recently, he has acquired quite an interesting item. An ancient necklace, but with a newly enchanted chrysocolla** replacing the old centerpiece. A mix of magicks, old and new or long known and recently remembered, whichever the case, something rare and significant.

*slightly more polite term than 'fake dragon'
**carved to resemble two folded wings


Scarab Sages ****

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Hamarabi Ali, the Melanite Sage. Kinda has a nice ring to it I think.

I posted very early in the thread but never made a gem choice. Now I've finally decided on Melanite.

Scarab Sages *****

Name: Khalid Akil the Tektite Sage
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Human (Garundi)
Class: Investigator (empiricist) 10
Description: Khalid Akil the Tektite Sage is a tall lanky Garundi man. He wears fairly plain Osirioni clothing and a mithril breastplate, and most notably carries all assortment of alchemical reagents and his alchemical silver heavy mace. As a devote of Irori, and seeks his self perfection through his alchemy. He believes strongly in the preservation of history for the betterment of tomorrow. He spends much of his time in Tar Kuata, debating the merits of his alchemical self perfection, especially as he is enamored with Itephta, the master of the monastary. He also operates alchemy shops in Sothis and in Averaka.

Dark Archive ***** Venture-Captain, Germany—Rhein Main South aka schattenstern


Name: Ogden the pyrite sage
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: dwarf
Class: Monk (Zen Archer)
Description: Ogden is a bald Osiriani dwarf with a splendidly groomed grey beard. Most of the time he can be seen with his archeological tools he ueses for excavations. With his vast breath of experience he dabbles in all fields of knowledge but his speciality is the osirian history and their engeneering techniques.

He started out as a member of the osirion Faction but was present during the evennts in sanctum of the sages that lead to tahonikepsu becoming the leader of the new scarab sages (with his support). He followed the path of the sages closely and used the first opportunity that was presented to join their ranks.

Scarab Sages **

Bismuth might not technically be a gem, but that somehow fits the insane little gnome that is gear anyways. :)

Dark Archive *

Almandine Sage Sinta:

Name: Sinta
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Wayang
Class: Kineticist 10
Description: Sinta joined the Pathfinder Society to get new inspirations from around the world for her true passion, sculpting. Her skills in the subject were greatly increased because adventuring honed her telekinetic skills, allowing her to sculpt marble with her mind. The leftover pointly, sharp, and round marble pieces from her sculpting were also useful as ammunition whenever she had to defend herself and her team.
Her discreet abilities also allowed her to shine when she was introduced to the Scarab Sages, and helped many members to transport and liberate relics from less scrupulous holders.

Scarab Sages *

Rafiq the Lapis Sage:

Name: Rafiq al-Rasheed "The Shadowmaster"
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Summoner
Description: A tall Keleshite man in his late thirties with a black goatee, wearing dark blue robes and a turban. Rafiq's eideolon takes the form of his own shadow and it will move strangely when it's not being directly observed. Rafiq was once a wealthy young man and still retains some of jewelry and fine robes he owned before devoting his life to magic and planar study.

Scarab Sages ***

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Rahn du Lac, The Blightburn Sage



Name: Rahn du Lac
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Elf
Class: Hexcrafter Magus 8

Description:Standing 6'0" with a shaven head, Rahn bears little resemblance to the elf he once was. His sand coloured eyes are dark from the loss of his wife. He looks every bit the travelled pathfinder, armor from Tian Xia, weapons of the Inner Sea and several ioun stones implanted in the pale flesh of his left arm.

Background: Rahn is not a young elf; he hasn’t been a young elf since well before he was a Pathfinder. Since the day he met that andoran girl he has felt more alive than he ever did in Kyonin. While her flame did not last as long as most humans, indeed it did not last even long enough to meet their child, their half elven son breathes fire into his veins every day.

They resided in Erages for a time, but with his son’s burgeoning occult powers he knew the life of a fisherman would not content him. Relocating to Absalom was both wondrous and tumultuous, and much faster than the life Rahn was accustomed to in Kyonin, through keeping stride with his son he quickened his perspective and began to feel as though he lived more in a day in Absalom than he did in a month in his homeland.

Seeking greater adventure his son joined the Pathinder Society, and loathe to be parted from another of his family so soon again he followed. Training together in the Grand Lodge for those three years is a memory he will never forget. Letting his son, by now a man grown, adventure on his own left Rahn to spend much of his time investigating Ancient Osirion after recovering a sage jewel from some usij early in his career. The rediscovery of the Sage’s Sanctum, the trials in Tar Kuata, taking a Div (of all things!) as a familiar, a surprisingly civil conversation with a lich and the salvation of an order led Rahn to find another purpose in his life: The Order of Jewelled Sages.

Crafting his jewel of Blightburn was perhaps the second most impulsive choice of Rahn’s life. On the one hand it radiates an invisible poison, on the other it is known that jewels preserve their bearers. Whether his choice becomes an exemplary experiment or a final joke, he will let the next Blightburn Sage decide.

Scarab Sages *****

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Justin Norvegicus, The Mica sage

Name: Justin norvegicus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (getting better though)
Race: Ratfolk
Class: Transmuter (Brown furred) 9


Description Standing at a whopping 3 feet tall if you count the ears (which he insists do in fact count) Justin is covered in a large fluffy coat of white fur that hides more than a little fluff underneath. Large red eyes peer at through even larger gold rimmed glasses, which he adjusts with the tiny pink hand not busy holding a precious book. His clothing appears to have been assembled at random out of whatever was in the lost and found at a not especially prodigious school.

When he was given a statue of himself, he insisted that it be as tall as everyone elses. The extra space is a podium depicting the story of the sages in a dry, boring, but accurate report on three sides. On the fourth is a copy of comprehend languages, so future academics can always have access to a useful learning tool.

Liberty's Edge ***

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Saarek Badur, the Cinnabar Sage


Name: Saarek Alatami Tayyuda Badur
Alignment: LN
Race: Human
Class: Occultist 11
Description: A large Garundi man, appearing even larger in his breastplate and dark blue robes, Saarek can be withdrawn to the point of rudeness, and is far more comfortable with books and old ruins than people. Still, the society of the other scholars in the Scarab Sages has been the great joy in his life, and crafting his own Sage Jewel to take his place alongside Tahonikepsu and Amenopheus is a source of immense pride.

Saarek is a historian by inclination and a warrior by necessity. As he grows toward middle-age, Saarek shows no sign of slowing down, as long as there is lost lore to rediscover.

Whew, this took some doing but very happy to have accomplished it, with .5 xp to go before I hit Seeker.


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Hassam al-Rashid, the Jasper Sage:

Name: Hassam al-Rashid
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Aasimar (Scion of Humanity)
Class: Bard 9
Description: Hassam is a middle aged Rahadoumi archaeologist. He carries a Pathfinder Society banner attached to an old longspepar and a variety of bags and backpacks. His tanned muscular skin shows many hours spent in the hot Garundi sun digging for relics.

Scarab Sages *

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Quenly, the Jacinth Sage:
Name: Quenly
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Elf
Class: Oracle (Ancient Lorekeeper) 11; Dark Tapestry mystery
Description: Quenly is a beautiful yet silent elf. Originally from Kyonin, he now spends most of his time in Osirion and neighbouring countries (the territories of Ancient Osirion). He wears traditional Osirion-style desert robes, but is almost always shrouded in shadows.

Quenly is usually accompanied by a tiny ebony dragon, no bigger than a housecat.

There is likely no greater authority on the elves of ancient Osirion than Quenly, the new Jacinth Sage.

With his new Sage Jewel, Quenly's Knowledge (History) pertaining to Osirion elves will be +33, or +43 using Page-Bound Epiphany.

Quenly was once a young elven warrior. He excelled at swordplay and archery, but was prideful and vain. When he began hearing voices in his head, Quenly quickly came to believe that this was the gods speaking directly to him. He could not understand what they were saying, but it was clear that they were not the gods commonly worshipped in Kyonin. Who were they?

Quenly decided that they must be the ancient and true gods of his people, who had chosen him because of his special elven virtues. The voices became louder and clearer, and Quenly began to understand them. The gods taught him secrets, and Quenly began to manifest a peculiar form of magic: divine in nature, but blended with a touch of the arcane. He called it "pure" magic, and claimed it derived from his essence as an elf.

When Quenly announced to his fellows that he had been chosen by the gods, they were sceptical. But his nascent powers were real. Only a Kyonin elder could explain. Quenly had indeed been chosen. Whilst none would say if his gods were true, he had begun the journey of the Ancient Lorekeepers. By the time that Quenly left Kyonin to collect and preserve elven histories from around the world the voices of the gods had become so loud that he could no longer hear anything else; but they continued to reveal their secrets to him.

Quenly joined the Pathfinders to facilitate travel and enable contact with elven societies across Golarion. He originally saw himself as a warrior for Good, but when he encountered Tahonikepsu at the Sanctum of the Sages he found a new purpose.

With the knowledge that he has since gained, Quenly believes that the true gods of his people are responsible for the ascendance of Ancient Osirion and that is why they brought him to the Jewelled Sages. Now, he wants to understand what role the elves of ancient Osirion played in that ascendance, for surely they were also the chosen of the true gods.

Jacinth gem info. In the old AD&D Dungeon Masters' Guide, the mystical properties of Jacinth are reported as "luck [when] traveling, protection from fire, wards off plague." So it seemed very apt!

Scarab Sages ***

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Name: Yuri "The Jasper Sage" Moswen


Alignment: Neutral
Race: Ratfolk
Class: Alchemist (Mindchemist) 8
Description: Yuri is an albino ratfolk, though due to an "accident" involving some goblins and a tub of goo, he tends to change colors when pressure is applied to his body. He is dressed in light cotton harm pants and a light cotton shirt with a built in hood to keep the sand out of his ears, and goggles. On his chest, over his heart is pinned a Wayfinder with the Scarab Sages insignia on it. Due to his darkvision, and natural sense of direction he doesn't use it for its intended purpose much, but rather it is a symbol of his pride for him.

Being weak, even for a ratfolk, he spent much of his time growing up in Ipeq with his whiskers buried in a book. Soon he was reading ancient books on Osirian history, alchemy, and any other topics he could get his claws on. As a result he was recruited into the Pathfinder Society by the Scarab Sages, soon joining a small group of adventurers and applying is knowledge in the field.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Thea Peters for the Ratfolk Boon used to create this character.

Dark Archive ****

Name: Jaina
Class:Wizard Diviner 9
Description: Jaina is always in beautiful colored robes and is always joting notes down and is always happy to meet new people and learn new knowledge

Dark Archive ****

oh forgot to put sage in the beginning and my gem i choose is Ruby

Scarab Sages *****

Name: Ammensura Ibn Jad, the Verdite Sage
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Shaman (Name-Keeper) 8
Description: Ammensura, Ammen to his friends, is a short young man, well dressed and scholastic. He grew up in the Sothis Lodge, his parents Pathfinders. A clever and curious child, he spent his days listening to their tales and learning in the libraries of the Lodge eventually becoming a society researcher. He loves stories and reading but never expected to go on adventures himself until an old battered wayfinder crossed his desk. When he handled it, it spoke to him, a fragment of the spirit of its lost owner had remained. It encouraged him to get out there, do field work, learn how its owner had died, inscribe his name of the Wall of Names and make sure no other Pathfinders suffered the same fate. That is exactly what he has done, travelling far and wide, helping, learning, teaching and never forgetting the lessons the spirt taught him.

Scarab Sages ***

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Name - Jarakshassa, The Azurith Sage
Race - Samsaran
Alignment - Neutral Good
Class - Wizard Admixture 3/Druid (Storm Druid) 3/Mystic Theurg 4
Description - Jarakshassa, third reincarnation, born on island Jalmeray. Grown in peaceful pagoda, Jaraskassa found our way into gaining knowledges and mysteries of this strange world. Get shards of past memories - about Vudra, bardic legacy and other unobivious things - he tried to get into Pathfinder Society not only loreseeking, but get more knowledge about Sage Jewels. Time passed, magic power growed and Jarakshassa get his first bunch of adventures. Ironic, almost every adventure take place onto cold, north lands.

And moment of glory. Samsaran, born in warm island, who doesnt fear any cold stands in one line with greatest sages of this world to retake ancient knowledges. And he done it.

Now, Jarakshassa known as Azurith Sage, gathering power to keep secrets and gain new knowledge of this strange, but beatiful world.

P.S. Wife recommended Azurith like the stone of Ancient Egypt, granted power of Gods and symbolizing increase power of mind and in Eastern mythology symbolyzing Yin

Scarab Sages ***

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IVLars wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

P.P.S. Azurite is taken, so i take Tanzanite - maybe it actually better for character history.
Scarab Sages *****

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"Don't you hate when you show up to the symposium and someone's wearing the same gem as you? "

Scarab Sages ***

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Justin_Norvegicus wrote:
"Don't you hate when you show up to the symposium and someone's wearing the same gem as you? "

To hell with that guy! MY peer-reviewed research paper was published weeks before his!


Name: Pindoodly Wandfondler; the Ammolite Sage
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Gnome
Class: Bard 8/Investigator 1
Description: Pindoodly is a devout worshipper of Irori, especially Irori's knowledge aspect. He joined the Society because any such repository of knowledge must have a large quantity of recipes. He fell in with the Scarab Sages because as the oldest civilization must surely have the most recipes. He has been instrumental in recovering the sage jewels and finding candidates to bear them. Because of his deep knowledge of Osirion and his nature as a scholar he was granted membership in this exclusive order. He is looking forward to seeing what recipes are stored in his jewel's memories.

*** Contributor aka Alexander Augunas

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Name: Hien Hwan, the Star Gem Sage
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Kitsune
Class: Kineticist 8
Description: Hien Hwan is a brown-furred adolescent kitsune from Goka whose true form is of Tien-Hwan ancestry. His gruff demeanor and spiked leather clothing belie a sensitive young man who cares deeply for companions who've taken the effort to befriend him. Hien's affiliation with the Scarab Sages was originally one of convenience, for Amenopheus admitted Hien into the order as a boy out of curiosity for his telepathic powers after a Scarab Sages agent travelling from Goka to Jalmeray discovered the young telekinetic stowaway. The terrified child was cowering below decks, having just witnessed his father sacrifice himself so Hien could flee the local assassins guild, who had been hired to apprehend him by a group of mysterious occultic researchers from Shenen. Hien was trained in mixed martial arts and taught to control his powers before being offered to the Pathfinder Society for his confirmation.

Hien spent most of his time as a begrudging participant in the Pathfinder Society's exploits until a mission orchestrated by Amara Li had him return to his native Goka, placing him in direct conflict with the very assassins who attempted to apprehend him so long ago. After his Pathfinder Society allies helped him avenge his father's murder, Hien was left without purpose. While no scholar, he ultimately decided to devote himself to the Scarab Sages' ideals, both as thanks for their role in helping him get his revenge and out of a genuine desire to better his understanding of the world as well as his own, strange powers. After helping to create what would become his sage jewel, Hien's unique occultic powers transformed the gemstone into a kitsune star gem and caused him to sprout a second tail, resulting in his title, the Star Gem Sage. As a Scarab Sage, Hien is vehemently interested in occultic powers and anomalies, as well as the history of kitsune—especially historical figures who possessed multiple tails. In addition to the usual properties of a sage jewel, Hien's gem also functions as a kitsune star gem.

Scarab Sages ***

Name: Sephyne Eleri, the Sodalite sage [Gem Info]
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Psychic 9
Description: Geb is frequently raided by clerics of Pharasma for obvious reasons. During one such raid, Sephyne's mother, an important handmaiden to a local noble, managed to get her infant daughter to safety. Yet that would also proof to be her last act of compassion as she herself got turned into a vampiric minion as punishment for her 'misbehavior'.

Decades later Sephyne, now a funerary priest of Pharasma and notable expert on haunts, travels the world in an effort to find a way to reverse what has been done to her mother as she can not live with the thought of having to destroy the one who loved her most.

Name: Gerlach, The Uranium Sage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Aasimar
Class: Gunslinger 1/ Wizard 1/ Eldritch Knight 9
Description: His well worn duster and broad brimmed hat can only barely conceal Gerlach's steel blue eyes. "I know things and shoot stuff, but mostly I know things." might serve as a self introduction. Previously "The Risen", and "The constant" he has served the quest for knowledge under the Scarab Sages since they raised him from the dead, swaying his allegiance from the Grand Lodge. Gerlach enjoys busting the myth that wizards aren't all that tough, and demonstrating the efficacy of touch spells.

Scarab Sages *****

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Name: The Ringmaster, The Painite Sage
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Shackleborn
Class: Chained Summoner 11
Description: Due to the Top Hat and Red Tails the Ringmaster is wearing the Ringmaster can almost pass as human. The Ringmaster talks about the Ringmaster in the third person, which is though to be very annoying by people that are not the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster calls forth the most amazing creatures, which can perform the most daring feats!

Stone: As the Ringmaster venerates Zon-Kuthon, the Ringmaster has chosen Painite as the Ringmaster's gemstone.

Scarab Sages **

Name - Exunor Tenebroskar, The Aenigmatite Sage
Race - Wayang
Alignment - Lawful Good
Class - Occultist 10
Description - He is not the first of his family to visit Absalom and join the Pathfinder Society, but he has come the furthest.
He joined the Society and the Sages to quench his thirst for knowledge. Focused on protecting and assisting others he often stands in the frontline, shielding his party members from the creatures besieging them.
Prefering the seclusion of his study above the companionship during his times off, he remains a mystery for his fellow society members.

Scarab Sages **

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Minae, the Ametrine sage.
Kitsune (Fennec Fox)
Neutral Good

Introspective and philosophical, she hates the assumption that because she is sneaky she must be up to no good. Being unseen is just more practical. Finds Sphinxes to be just delightful. Never assumes a human guise.

Scarab Sages ***

Groin Greenleaf, The Fire Opal Sage:

Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Elf
Class: Gunslinger 1 / Alchemist 7
Groin, also known as Groin the Beardy Elf is the adopted son of a loving Elf-Dwarf couple. He and his brother Gloin were named after two famous dwarf heroes on the dwarven side of the family.

Groin grow up knowing he wanted to be a WIZARD! when he saw the fireworks the local sage threw up for the town. When he was found lacking the magical skills for wizardry, he decided he will find a way to make things go boom, with or without magic.

Joining the Pathfinder society with his adopted dwarf brother, he soon found that he has an aptitude for explosives and making things go boom! or choke or snared in goo, it was all good fun.

When the Scarab Sages was formed, Groin decided to take part. Knowing his skills will be of much use when breaking into long forgotten tombs and he maybe a thing or two about magic.

Groin confess he never did thought of becoming a sage, but now that he has reach this milestone in life, he believe its time to start looking for a nice Dwarf to settle down with.

*Groin Greenleaf is my very first PFS character and first started play in August 2012. Groin's and his dwarf brother Gloin where named after 2 of the dwarfs in the Hobbit. I'm very happy to play him on and off throughout the years and reaching this capstone.

Dark Archive ****

Shi La, The Nephrite Sage


Name: Shi La, Warpriest of Zhols
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Oread
Class: Warpriest 9 (Sacred Fist)
Description: A tough looking muscular Tien man with purple shaded crystalline skin, dressed in plain crimson monk robes. He carries no weapons, armed only with a wooden holy symbol of Zhols

A former priest of Charron, Shi was shown the error of his ways and converted to the deity of Zhols to pursue truth rather than death. He is intimidating, driven, and lacks a sense of humor.


Boubacar, The Jet Sage:

Name: Boubacar Khaferis, The Jet Sage
Alignment: N
Race: Human (Garundi)
Class: Cleric of Horus 8
Description: Boubacar is a tall athletic man of dark skin, noble features and a friendly demeanor.
He is a scholar of osirionology and ancient Osiriani religion and devoted to Horus, God of the Sun and of Rulership.
He first came to the folds of the Pathfinder Society in the city of Wati fighting to rid the city of an undead scourge.
His travels have taken him far and wide and during one such journey he found the young lioness Bast, whom he has nurtured to maturity and great fighting skill.
Boubacar sometime has a solemn attitude when faced with undead and demonic foes, but easily dismisses this with a deep hearty laugh.
Boubacar often thinks fondly of his mother, whom as a healer taught him that the administration of medicines to the critically ill was best done anally. This practice Boubacar has transferred to the use of wands of cure wounds much to the detriment of his allies.

Scarab Sages **

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Poldark, The Rainbow Moonstone Sage (Labradorite)


Name: Visbaron Poldark Tayt, the Rainbow Moonstone Sage
Prodigy of Venture Captain Ohlyvya Tayt
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Ganzi
Classes: Oracle (Dual-Cursed Life) 7/ Paladin (Invigorator) 2
Description: Poldark is a male Ganzi with Garund heritage but short stark white hair and patterns of mottled sliver scales that crisscross his skin including half his face. He has one Blue eye and one Grey eye. Poldark grew up in the city of Anuli in southern Garund. He made his life on the streets and like most Anulites hated the undead of Geb. He is a worshipper of Apsu, the god of good dragons.

He joined the Pathfinders after meeting his future wife Venture Captain Ohlyvya Tayt and took her last name as he had none of his own. She also indoctrinated him into the Scarab Sages which fit in nicely with his love of gems (Covetous Curse). He uses his abilities to help heal pathfinders and protect them from the dangers of Golarian.

Early on in his Pathfinder career he assisted Princess Eutropia in Taldor and was made a minor noble as a result. He hopes to one day settle down and retire at his estates once life in the Society and Taldor settles down.

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