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Polar Midnight + metamagic rod, rime

Rules Questions

Hi all :)

These two seem like a ridiculously cheesy combo against anything that breathes, is not cold immune or of the fire descriptor/have any innate fire abilities.

First step: quicken Dimensional Anchor

Keep them from teleporting out of range

Second step: cast Polar Midnight with rime metamagic rod

They should be entangled so they won't be able to move.

Third step: ???

Fourth step: Profit!!!

Here's Polar Midnight for you:

Here's a few questions:

I'd just like a clarification: does having a dex of 0 mean you cannot take ANY actions? Or does it simply mean you cannot take any physical actions?(i.e. Innate Telepathy and stuff)

Does having to keep your breath mean that you cannot cast spells with a verbal component? Would breath weapons still work? Like I have frozen a red dragon, can he still use his flame breath to try and melt the ice? If so can he use it twice if the first attempt failed? ( I know this sounds stupid or common sense at first but thinking about it more, it's never been said that dragons need to breathe, undead dragons use breath weapons just fine)

And do creatures get an ability check to break out of entangled? I can't seem to find anything with regards to it. And if there is an ability check what kind of action would it take?

Do you guys have any ideas on how to improve this? Maybe finding a way to stagger them? XD thanks for all the replies

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Entangled = half speed, not immobile

Honestly that's about what I'd expect for what is functionally an 11th level spell slot (9th level spell + Metamagic Rod).

also, don't forget you need a GREATER (and more expensive) meta magic rod to pull this off.

Tnx for the replies!!!

Yeah, it's a great but expensive option. polar midnight followed by quickened fog cloud similarly useful, if not more so.

There are plenty of lower level spells that allow you to entangle large numbers of opponents, starting with a good old fashioned Ice Storm. Don't just entangle, put them in difficult terrain.

A little late on this, but don't Red Dragons at adult or older have a constant fire aura?
Would this counter the Rime?

Daw wrote:

A little late on this, but don't Red Dragons at adult or older have a constant fire aura?

Would this counter the Rime?

RAW, no.

Hi, reviving this thread cuz I thought of a good idea, what if I fascinate them instead? Like with litany of eloquence or euphoric cloud. I plan on using polar Midnight then using a quickened fascinate spell, would they instantly snap out of it cuz of danger nearby? Fascinated condition never said anything about environmental hazards.

And while we're at it, when fascinated says the target get a new save but the spell has no saving throw in the first place, what then? Or if the spell only allows spell resistance?

Thanks for the replies!!!

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