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Advice on how to optimize a A dragon disciple


I need to build a level 12 character and I want a Gish that is not the magus. So I was thinking something like

Unchained scaled fist monk 1
Bloodrager 4
Dragon Disciple 7

The game is 20 PT buy

And I need advice from my classes (,should I keep my classes as are or should I change them)

And what should be my race and my feats??

All sources are ok

Paladin 2 and take Noble Scion of War at level 1.
Oracle of Lore 1 (Taking the Cha to Know and Cha instead of Dex for AC, Reflex etc)
Sorc 2 (could also go bard or Skald)
DD 7
This is more melee focused, but gives you amazing saves and allows you to dump Dex entirely for some really big Str and Cha scores.
For more caster version I would probably go:
Unchained Scaled Fist 1
Sorc 4
DD 7

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