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I've recently started playing Pathfinder Society and I have really enjoyed my time. However, there are just so many different character options I am a bit overwhelmed, so I thought I would reach out to the experts for some advice.

There are two things I want to avoid with my character:

Extensive Resource management (hmmm, should I use my big spell now? Or do I think there will be a big boss in this room I should save this for).

Extensive Math awareness (Ok, because I am in the water I gain a +2 to my perception, but because the wind is blowing, I gain a +2 to my initiative.)

It is inevitable that there is always a degree of the above things, but I don't want my entire experience to be about managing resources and math.

I enjoy playing support based characters.
I don't need to be doing the most damage.
I would prefer to not be afraid my character is going to die at any moment.

That's it for now, let me know what you think.

Play a bard.
You have spells and bardic performance rounds to manage.
Bardic performance is easy, you just use 1 per round.
Spells can be easy if you pick utility and buff spells. You tend not to feel bad about using those. Also, you don't get that many of them.

Play a witch and hex away. No real resource management needed; few numbers to crunch. If you like, take a patron that gives you access to extra support spells, like ancestors or healing or wisdom.

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A Fighter/Caster character can be quite entertaining. With a focus on decent combat ability there's much less pressure about managing spells, and you can work spells into combat in cool ways or just use them for support purposes. For a lot of builds like that, planning them is usually something you want to do fairly carefully, but then actually playing them is pretty easy, and often a lot of fun. When swinging your weapon is always a pretty good move, you don't need to worry so much about whether you're 'wasting' spells or not using them.

Just as one example, one of the first melee Clerics I came up with was a Cleric of Gorum with one level of Martial Artist Monk whom I called "Old Man War" - he was basically a war-Cleric with Rage who used Flurry of Blows with a greatsword and wore an old robe with quite strong Monk defenses.

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Life Oracle is a good idea as big healing pool and decent amount of support spells, and enough casting to drop the occasional damaging one if needed. The PC will also socialize great, it's a big plus.

No frontline ever though, but I don't think this will bother you a bit.

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Flutter wrote:

Welcome to the institution

I wish someone would've handed me this weeks ago.


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