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Mystic Theurge / Evangelist


Question, if I'm math'ing it up right, and if this is possible.
Cleric 3/Sorc 4. Using Magic Knack for Sorc, to bring CL +2.

So Cleric3/Sorc4, + Mystic Theurge 1 brings me to ECL Cleric 4, Sorc 7.
Cleric3/Sorc4/MT1/Evangelist 10 (MT aligned), ECL Cleric 13, Sorc 16.

Here's where I have questions.

Since Evangelist levels up as MT Aligned class, does that prevent me from taking classes in MT afterwards? Can I go MT for 2 levels after and be ECL Cleric 15/Sorc 18, or can I not take levels in MT anymore once I align it with Evangelist?

Thanks in advance.

Along that line of thought, is it possible to apply Magic Knack to my Mystic Thuerge CL and have, in the end, an ECL Cleric 17/Sorc 18.

Grand Lodge

Evangelist wrote:
At 2nd level, the evangelist must choose a class she belonged to before adding the prestige class to be her aligned class.

A clas and a prestige class are 2 seperate things and as such evangelist can't choose Mystic Theurge as their Aligned Class.

Poodles and dogs

Actually a Prestige Class is a Class (however not a Base Class). More specifically prestige class is a subset of the greater set class, which includes base class and prestige class.

Pratt, if we went by that logic, we'd have to exclude everything but core classes (alternate, hybrid, unchained, occult, prestige) as they are all subsets of the greater "class" tree. Wouldn't make sense that a prestige class is not considered a class.

Grand Lodge

Ah, I swore I had read somewhere that prestige classes are separate from classes, but you appear to be right. My bad.

prileska wrote:
Pratt, if we went by that logic, we'd have to exclude everything but core classes (alternate, hybrid, unchained, occult, prestige) as they are all subsets of the greater "class" tree. Wouldn't make sense that a prestige class is not considered a class.

Not really, considering that the original classes are referred to as the "core" classes. I was thinking that prestige classes were considered separate mainly due to them being unable to be chosen as a favored class, but as I stated above, I was wrong.

Ok, a few problems

Knack in theory could be applied to Theurge, helping to "save" from evangelist. There is another trait that lets you choose two classes with +1 CL to each which would not be questionable and be advantage at lower levels

I don't think you could add more levels to Thurge however, as you already "Have" the bonuses from them...sorry...(unless all you want are HP/BAB/Saving Throws...In which case go with a full BAB Class that gives 2 fast saving throws

If possible, I would actually see about going a class that allows the Faith Magic ability and concentrate on arcane side...

My question relating to adding more levels:

If I went 5 Fighter, for example, and after, 10 Evangelist, I would go back to Fighter for more levels. Would I start back at Fighter 6, or would I be effectively Fighter 15?

Does make sense that I have already used the "+1 to Arcane and +1 Divine class" bonus, so I likely couldn't get them again - that's a good point.

both, effectively you are a fighter 15, but you are really a fighter 6/Evang 10...with less HP and BAB (Evang overrides based)

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