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NPCs as allies

Rules Questions

Silver Crusade

Note, I do not have Alien archive so quite possibly the answer is there.

We just encountered the situation where we befriended an NPC. But given that NPC and PCs follow different rules this led to various questions

1) What happens to the NPC when it gets equipped with different equipment? We just too the difference in equipment stats but it really isn't clear that is correct
2) I was playing an Envoy with the ability to heal Stamina in combat. The GM was nice enough to rule that the NPC had 1/2 stamina and 1/2 hit points so that one of my major abilities was actually useful on a NPC. Not clear if this was correct. It was clear that, in world, it would make absolutely no sense that I could encourage a PC but not an NPC

Paizo Employee Starfinder Design Lead

Alien Archive address that in a sidebar on page 128.

"NPCs don't have Stamina Points. Any abilities that would normally affect an NPC's Stamina Points affect its Hit Points instead."

If the GM wants to actually track half their Hit Points as Stamina Points, that works fine too.

Silver Crusade

Thanks. I approve of that rule :-)

My own plan, at least, is to ignore the issue unless it actually matters. NPCs don't use Stamina rules because most of the time, it won't make a difference. When it does, just assume half their health is stamina. Which yes, means that in my game, if you give the wrong "name" enemy a chance to take a breather, they *will* get back half their full HP, just like you would. *cough*

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