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Engineering Kits

Rules Questions

The Exchange

Are there only two specialty types of Engineering Kit (Weaponsmith and Armorsmith or is there as pecialty kit for each application of the engineering skill?

Example: can you have a Bomb Maker's Kit that grants a +4 bonus to the Arm Explosives application of the Engineering skill?

Also Can you have a specialty kit for Engineering checks made as part of star-ship combat?

Example: a kit that gives you a bonus to Engineering checks specifically to divert energy to shields or divert energy to weapons?

I would say that there are only those 2 specialty kits specific to crafting.

Home game can have anything your GM allows.

There are other ways, I think, to get the ship-based bonuses like computers and such. But also, ship combat is specifically dumbed down as far as bonuses allowed.

I thought it implied there were more types.

Liberty's Edge

I don't see a kit making sense in terms of ship combat. You're already using the ship's controls/computers for that.

By RAW there only appear to be those two engineering tool kits, though I'd add things like electronics and mechanical as well.

One to remember is that the system is designed to have a limited number of bonuses available. The ones you can get from kit (from memory) are for repairing weapons, resizing/repairing armor and for profession checks. Adding in available +4 bonuses puts PCs 3-4levels ahead on DCs they can hit.

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