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Whisper Out of Time - Custom Dungeon 2 Rewards

Strange Aeons

SPOILERS for Whisper Out of Time.

I've been vocal with cutting Okeno and the Biting Lash storyline from the 4th book, but I need to make up the gold/rewards somehow. What can the Nethyians offer the adventurers for cleaning up the Mysterium, rescuing their high loremaster, burying the dead and such?

I'm looking for some ideas for semi-unique items or boons to go with some of the money and research time they'll get.

During this time the adventurers have a series of research adventures (as requested by my players for a change of pace) to reach the milestone goal at the end of the book; so even things that make them juggle time would be cool.

Some ideas:
- For each Nethyian taken out of the Mysterium and buried, they gain a scroll level (ie: if they rescue 6 Nethyians, they can gain up to 6 spell levels worth of scrolls each without expensive material components but can have whatever metamagic they need built onto it).

- Casters can undergo a ritual to assist their caster level, patching up any multiclass issues or boosting a straight caster

- A ritual to gain sorcerer/wizard SLAs based on school, and a bonus to saves from that school

- Some time to research occult rituals from the Soul or to research various creatures, Eldritch beings granting various insight bonuses against them

I'm aware Nethys worshipers don't like people who can't use Magic but we can kind of waive that a little due to the situation.

I'd like to stay away from cohorts and DMPCs though.

What cool things can you come up with that makes the game feel more 'old school' thats not just +3 Ring of Protection, +3 Cloak, etc?

Shadow Lodge Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 8

I gave my players a free class skill for studying in the Mysterium.

You could even jazz that up, give them some free ranks as part of the deal.

Simple, I like it.
Would help them round out missing skills they may need for Occult Rituals.

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