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Items or Witch spells that increase Disguise skill rating


Its all in the subject line. Are there any low level witch spells or any magic items that will increase my disguise skill rating? I am aware of the Disguise Hex.

Sleeves of many garments doesn't give you any bonus, but for 200g you can transform your outfit at will to anything you want.

For 1800g, you can get the Hat of Disguise, letting you use the spell Disguise self, a spell witches can't learn and gives +10 to disguise checks.

Sleeves Garment not bad ya. As for Disguise Self its essentially the same as Disguise Hex.

There's the trait clever word play which will let you use int instead of charisma for your disguise checks.

Indeed I have that as well

Vocal Alteration gets +10 untyped for 1 minute per level.
Penumbral Disguise gets +CL competence for 10 minute per level.
Augmented Disguise gets +2 trait
Pass for Human gets +10 untyped to appear as a human
Childlike gets +2 untyped to appear as a human child
Stalker's Mask 1/day for 1H, gets +10 untyped to appear as a creature seen w/in 60'


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