Spell Scars (Ex) provoke AoO?

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Does casting a spell via Spell Scars provoke an AoO despite the fact thats it an Extraordinary Ability?

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It says it functions as using a scroll and activating a scroll provokes an AoO, it doesn’t really have anything to do with being an Ex or Su ability.

(Ex) abilities specifically say they does not provoke attacks of opportunity when used. Additionally they can be used in an AMF and cant be dispelled. So then what benefits does Spell Scars have from being an (Ex) ability instead of a (Su) or even (Sp)?

I think it means the scars and the ability to make the scar tattoos is Ex but the casting is spell completion. Therefore it would provoke.

Specific overrides general. As Rysky ince this particular extraordinary ability says it functions "exactly like casting from a scroll", it provokes.

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