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Hello guys,

I am playing a Juju Oracle 4 / Necromancer 3 / Mystic Theurge 6 / Agent of the Grave 5.

While neverending hordes are a fun concept, it's tiring on the table, so I want to have the least in number, but most powerful undead minions I can raise.

I have Undead Master, Spell Perfection (Animate Dead) & Spell Specialization (Animate Dead) & Mage's Tattoo (Necromancy), and I have an orange ioun stone and Magical Knack (Oracle), so as an Oracle my Animate Dead is at Caster level 20 and as a Wizard it is Caster level 13.

As an Oracle, I can control up to 156 HD.

As a Wizard, I can control up to 52 HD.

My Command Undead are 7 HD (Oracle) and 3 HD (Wizard), so I don't believe they are worth mentioning, but oh well :P

So, what are the most powerful undead I can raise and permanently control?

Bloody skeletons with 20 HD and decent str/dex, or a fast zombie with more than 20 HD.

You cannot permanently control anything other than zombies and skeletons, and trying to control other things is dangerous. So try to hunt something big and strong.

Also that build is only Level 18, just so you know (4+3+6+5=18)

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Maybe a Frostfallen?
Maybe Necrocraft?

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