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Looking for some input on swapping Books 5 & 6 in the order

Skull & Shackles

I have read that some people have swapped books 6 and 5 in the order for this AP. I think this order might be more desirable for my party with their current method of political aspirations. I was wondering how this has worked out for anyone who has done it. What edits did you have to make?


Rorryn/Epic Dave

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


I significantly re-wrote pretty much the entire campaign, but the initial impetus for this was to switch around many of the events in Books 5 and 6. I did this because I believed that the battle against an invading Chelish armada would make for a much better epic finale than going after Bonefist.

I'd be happy to discuss the entire re-write in as much detail as you'd like but the abridged version of these two books went as follows:

Book 5
Part One: Blood in the Water
Only minor changes.

Part Two: Islands of the Damned
Only minor changes.

Part Three: The Black Tower
Replaced this with the PC's aiding/leading a revolution on the island of Bag's End, revealing that Bonefist had knowledge of and even profited from the sale of slaves from that island.

Part Four: Harrigan Must Die
This was replaced with Part Two and Three from Book Six where the PC's assaulted Fort Hazard and the Sea Caves of Lucrehold. They succeeded in finally ousting Bonefist, clearing the way for a new Hurricane King (Tessa Fairwind). While this was happening, the assault on their home island by Harrigan took place and hostages were taken.

Book 6
Part One: The Chelish Armada
This was bumped to the end(see below) and the assault on Harrigan from book five was inserted here. After Harrigan's defeat, concrete proof of his complicity with Cheliax was found along with the revelation that Cheliax agents had infiltrated the Cult of the Eye and manipulated the Master of Gales into finally dissipating the Eye of Abendego... with a Chelish invasion fleet waiting on the other side.

Part Two and Three
This is where the final battle against the Chelish Fleet takes place. The group is unable to stop the Master of Gales in time and the battle is joined between the much larger armada and the PC's and their allies. During the battle, the Master of Gales sacrifices his life to bring the hurricane back... it returns gradually, adding a heightened sense of drama to the battle.

A lot of these changes were optional on my part. Really, the biggest thing you'll need to do is adjust the encounter challenge levels to match your party's current abilities, but that's really a case-by-case basis thing. Is there anything in particular that you were concerned about?

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