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Good day all,
I need some help figuring out the various products.

*What I think I understand:
I have the Rise of the Runelord base set with all 6 adventure expansions (currently finishing up adventure #1).
I think I understand how the base sets and adventure expansions work...
We will run through this adventure path with our characters, then we can purchase a new Base set and it's 6 adventure expansions, and play through it with a new set of characters.

I think I also understand the original Character add-on deck I have, It expands the game to 6 players, and adds a few extra characters to choose from.

*What I do not understand:
What are the new character add-on decks that do not come with a base set? For example "Pathfinder tales" or Hell's vengeance"?
How do we know which base set they go with? do they work differently than the original base set add-ons? can they go with any base set, or will that run the risk of having a firearm character in a base set that has no firearms in it?

What are all of those class decks for?
Are they to add more choice of character? if so how do can we tell which base set they go with? What do we do with all the cards? do I mix in all of the cards from the class deck into my base set? wouldn't that screw the proportions of Boons towards which ever class set you added? For example if I add a Cleric class deck to the base set, I have way more devine spells then arcane. Which sucks for the wizard... but if I don't add them then what's the point of the class deck cards? so many questions....

What is the subscription? Is it to receive each of the new adventure expansions as soon as they are available?

And I am not clear on what the guild is? It is for organized play at the local game store right?

Also, looking forward... you be releasing a new base set? or has the ACG ended/changed? I also noticed Apocrypha, is this replacing the ACG or just a parelle product?

So many questions sorry...


Oh and what is "society" market place of murder for example? which base set does that go with? or is it standalone with all the scenarios & locations?

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All of those class/character decks can be used in organized play (OP), which uses special rules, or you can use those characters and decks in your regular PACG play in any of the adventure paths. So you might use the version of Kyra that appears in the Cleric Class Deck (“CD Kyra”) as you play through the adventure path, or you could use Tarlin (also from the Cleric Class Deck) or any of the other characters. You’ll find that this increases the replayability of the game and provides players with lots of flexibility to find characters/challenges to increase their gaming enjoyment.

In theory, you can use any character from any adventure path or class/character deck in any adventure path (so you might use Kyra from Rise of the Runelords in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path). As you alluded to, some of the characters and/or their roles are sub-optimal in some adventure paths, largely based on the availability of boons that they focus on or powers that are optimized for an adventure path, however. Examples of this include Lirianne, who really needs weapons with the Firearm trait that are only found in the Gunslinger Class Deck and in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path. Another example is the Corrupter role for Seoni in the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, which capitalizes on blessings with the Corrupted trait (only a few of those blessings can be found outside of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path). So while you can use any character in any adventure, there are some that will make your gaming much more challenging.

A subscription means that Paizo will automatically send the products in that subscription line to you when they become available. There is a discount, which is good, and there are often promo cards included in PACG products, which is great. The only down sides are that the new base set boxes have very high shipping costs (prohibitively so), and you can’t opt out of individual products (if there are some that you don’t want) without going through a cancellation/re-subscribing process. At least Paizo recognizes the high shipping cost of the base set boxes and doesn’t include promo cards, shifting those to other early releases in the adventure path (character add-on decks and level 1 adventures).

The guild is for organized play, though you’re not necessarily restricted to play in a local game store (as far as I know).

The ACG has not ended. Paizo/Lone Shark are going through some adjustments, but we’ll be seeing the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path next (no hints exactly as to when, though, so don’t hold your breath). Until that adventure path is released, though, there’s lots to explore with the main adventure paths and with the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild adventures. Trying different characters (you can download all but the most recently released from Paizo), different numbers of characters, and different combinations of characters to see how an adventure path changes when you play through it again (replayability). You can also find many homebrew APs, adventures, and scenarios online (here at the Paizo forums and linked via the Board Game Geek) if you want more new experiences.

Apocrypha is a game with similar mechanics, also developed by the Lone Shark Games team. There are some differences between the Apocrypha and PACG.

The Season of Factions Favor uses the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path cards.

Welcome to the community!

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Further details:

The Adventure Card Guild scenarios are meant to be played in some organized fashion with tracking your progress and getting together with friends. You buy a class deck, take it to your buddies place and play together.

But you can also just buy the scenarios and then play a different adventure path using the base set you already bought. No need to buy a class deck, just reuse characters in the boxed set or characters you didn't use yet.

For example: the ACG adventure path for RotR is here:

Pathfinder Society Adventure Path for Rise of the Runelords called "Season of the Runelords"

For about $30 you get the scenarios of a complete story reusing your already purchased base set. So, when you are done with the RotR story, you can then play a different story using the same cards as the base set. There are just a few new villains and henchmen and boons but you just "proxy" the cards and pretend they are different.

Better yet, you can even go to Drive Through Cards and get the "missing" cards for unique henchmen, villains and boons ($12):

Drive through cards for "Season of the Runelords"

So, when done with the boxed set adventure path, you can extend your investment and use it all again for $40. I mention this here because it seems to be under advertised, in my opinion.

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I agree the Irongiant. Those pathfinder sosiety adventures Are an excelent way of reusing those cards you allready have by introdusing new adventure/adventures in the same area.
Also those characters deck Are mean to be used with these society adventures.

Season of Goblins is another extra addventure that uses Runelords card again

Season of Goblins

SG cards

Wow great answers!

So lets see if I understood this correctly:

Pathfinder Society ACG:
Seems to be a portal or blog to DL resources and OP.

Pathfinder Society / ACG
This is where the "Seasons" are; which are new Adventure paths, Adventure, and scenarios, (villains & henchmen) based on the cards found in an existing Base set. What a great idea!

Guild & organized play:
Not sure how this works, I play PACG every Friday with the same 4 people (including me). perhaps this is something we should look into? IDK?

Class decks:
Can be used pretty much anywhere, but need to be mindful of potential issues such as missing a particular type of boon in base set (firearms, for example), or upsetting the balance in boon traits (adding too many divine boons to the box will upset the arcane classes). I read a post somewhere else where the poster recommended using the basic boons from the class deck to create your initial character deck, then not adding any of basic boons to the base set, only he numbered boons are added to the base set. This looks like a promising solution to the mentioned potential issues, although I do not have the experience to judge really.

Side note: the Apocrypha cards look really good... which makes me think perhaps PACG is due for a little face lift?
... is it heresy to suggest this :O

RagePreacher wrote:

Guild & organized play:

Not sure how this works, I play PACG every Friday with the same 4 people (including me). perhaps this is something we should look into? IDK?

If you're playing consistently with a group on a weekly basis, you ARE a good candidate for Guild/Organized play.

The Advantages: Good way to use the class decks which you need for Guild/Organized play (but you can use the character cards/powers from the base boxes). I play some characters out of the class decks and am using ROTR Seelah with the Paladin class deck and Mummy's Mask Alahazra with the Oracle deck.

There is paperwork involved BUT if you file it, that means you can take your character you built during organized play with your friends and play that same character with all their powers and cards you've collected and play it anywhere in the world in another Organized Play event of the same Tier.

Disadvantage: You DO need the Class decks and one person at least has to buy the Society adventures so some extra expense.


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The way that is helpful for me to look at it: in "regular" play, the characters live out of your box (the base set / expansions). The characters' entire deck, and all upgrades to it, are sourced from the box.

In "organized play", the characters live out of their own box. They have their own special 100+ card deck that they can choose boons from. If you acquire boons during a scenario, they go into a "pool" that everyone can select from at the end of the game. So you're often looking at it and saying: "Ooh - that's a deck 2 spell" - which means someone can take a spell with the #2 in the corner from their own box at the end of the scenario.

Apart from the first seven class decks created (Fighter, Wizard, Bard, Cleric, Rogue, Sorcerer, Ranger), they are all really good. But IMO you should stay away from those first seven, at least for now (they've hinted that there might be some way to "fix" these later with a better selection of cards). Organized play is fun to do.

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I know the first seven aren't as popular as the later decks, and I would agree the later decks are definitely improvements over the first seven, but I've had lots of fun with the Fighter and Wizard decks. I haven't played other 5 for any real length of time.

I've played Organized Play with the Ranger and the Cleric decks, and had a blast.

The coming of decks you can use to supplement the original 7 decks have been more than hinted at -- there's a post describing the plan in detail, although I couldn't pull it up with a quick search.

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elcoderdude wrote:

I've played Organized Play with the Ranger and the Cleric decks, and had a blast.

The coming of decks you can use to supplement the original 7 decks have been more than hinted at -- there's a post describing the plan in detail, although I couldn't pull it up with a quick search.

There you go :)

Scarab Sages

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Yes...except the one detail about how exactly one will be able to unlock the ability to use those boons. I'll have to check out Factions' Favor to find out.

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I think this will already be explained in the next OP guide; you probably don't need to own anything from SoFF to see how it works.

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