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So I saw this, looked it up, discovered it wasn't in the FAQ, and was wondering if anyone knew any official ruling?

So the level five arcane assailant ability reads:

Arcane Assailant wrote:
When you imbue a weapon with the rune of the eldritch knight, in addition to its normal benefits, the rune grants the weapon one of the following weapon fusions of your choice: ethereal, flaming, frost, merciful, or shock. The weapon can’t gain a fusion it already has, and this bonus fusion doesn’t count toward the maximum total level of fusions the weapon can have at once. The bonus fusion ends when the weapon ceases to be imbued with the rune of the eldritch knight.

Uh, there is no ethereal weapon fusion. Did they mean Ghost Killer? Is there any official word?

I think that would be reasonable way to rule it for now. I don't think there's been any official word as of yet.

Silver Crusade

An official clarification really would be neat.

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