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I used Space Hulk parts for a mission and this is how it went.

Starfinder General Discussion

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I just had to share this somewhere. Imgur. I have the Space Hulk board game and tried using some of the board pieces to build a small base for my PC's to explore. This wont work for every situation but I found it worked pretty well for the mission they were on at the time and my PC's really enjoyed getting that extra visual on the table. The whole thing is really modular so I will be using this for future mission but it is pretty narrow so it definitely wont work for every station or base. I want to see how many other games would work like this, if anyone knows of any more that would work let me know!

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Did you happen to take any photos?

I certainly plan on using boardgame accessories when appropriate.

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Cool! It just occurred to me that my friends have some Shadows of Brimstone map tiles that would be perfect for exploring an alien world!

I wonder what other game tiles exist that would work well in Starfinder.

I always try and use other games stuff for a new game.
Why recreate the wheel when you do not have to?
And as long as you describe it well generally it works. ... But there was a time with a very important NPC and I used the fig for another game that got a lot of people worried.

I posted a pic but I think k the link was too slam to see,

kyler9437 wrote:
I want to see how many other games would work like this, if anyone knows of any more that would work let me know!

The old Descent board games had modular dungeon like tiles with 1 inch squares printed on them. Worked pretty good for all sorts of dungeon throw togethers.

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