arcane bond in PFS(message boards confusion)

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I've finally found the FAQ but still had questions. What i believe is legal...

1.All steps for a ring of protection(bonded item) are the same price as the CRB crafting rules, namely 1/2 of the bought item.

2.Adding evasion or wizardy 2 to the ring at 3/4 price is NOT legal since the FAQ says...."A bonded item that is enhanced must still conform to all the campaign rules for access to and upgrading of magical items."

The rules in PFS have changed over time for boned items...if someone knows how it currently works i'd appreciate that information.

Sczarni *****

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Correct. The item must still basically be something in print, that you could otherwise purchase if it wasn't your Arcane Bond.

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