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Sanctified slayer inquisitor with animal companion?


I would like to make a sanctified slayer inquisitor with an animal companion, but I am not sure of the best way to do it. I also need to be quite versatile and not too specialized.

I am thinking human inquisitor with dual talent.

I am also thinking Sarenrae and Scimitar as weapon.

But I am not sure how to best get the animal companion

- Feather Domain with boon companion? Maybe feats should be
1 power attack, 3 precise strike/combat expertise, 5 boon companion 6 outflank 7 accomplished sneak attakcer 8 combat trick gang up
stats 18/13/14/13/15/7

- Ravener Hunter Lunar mystery with Tiger companion? Feats like
1 power attack 3 precise strike 5 accomplished sneak attacker 6 outflank 7? 8 slayer talent underhanded ranger style with combat expertise 9 gang up
stats 18/13/14/11/16/7

Any feats I should drop? Any feats I should get instead? Other cool ways to get companion? I could probably get a mount instead as a companion, maybe thats a better idea?

Or other builds I should consider?

Builds look good have you looked at impoved outflank (paizo one not 3rd party).

Sacred huntmaster makes for a great mounted inquisitor with the rage domain. It is also good because you can share pack flanking. I like dragoon fighter 1 inquisitor x halfling riding a heron.

There is the chivalry inquisition.

Broken wing gambit and/or pair oppertunist are worth considering.

Pack Flanking

Kaouse wrote:
Pack Flanking

You need to be able to share feats to make this work. That's why I included it under a specific archtype. Animal companions do not qualify for it. Hunters, sacred huntmaster work well with it, as does the horse masters saddle or ring of tactical percision.

You don't really need to share it as an Inquisitor, thanks to Solo Tactics. Whether your animal companion gains the benefits isn't as important as you gaining the benefits, since you have Sneak Attack and the animal companion doesn't.

Dual-wielding scimitars could be pretty fun. On a Sanctified Slayer you can start out with 15DEX and a scimitar/cestus, then use the Slayer Talent and Extra Slayer Talent to grab Quick Draw and Improved Two-Weapon Fighting at 8/9 so you can Quick Draw two scimitars with Effortless Lace. Inquisitor with TWF is already a meant-grinder, let alone with automatic Sneak Attack.

Kaouse wrote:
You don't really need to share it as an Inquisitor, thanks to Solo Tactics. Whether your animal companion gains the benefits isn't as important as you gaining the benefits, since you have Sneak Attack and the animal companion doesn't.

You're not wrong that you don't need it. Let more offer you this.

Losing out on a precise strike (5d6), outflank (6 less to attack with menacing) on a pounce, a tiger's broken wing gambit attack with a free grab (basically 2 standard actions), or paired opportunists/outflank combo (which requires both actually have both feats to be fully realized 3 or 4 attacks per crit) amounts to a significant loss of power.

Green Faith Marshal/sanctified slayer inquisitor with Eagle Domain.

PhD. Okkam wrote:
Green Faith Marshal/sanctified slayer inquisitor with Eagle Domain.

What's the benefits with that combo? I don't see it...

GFM gives you the eagle domain (protector familiar, 1/2 level to attack 3+wis times a day to use on your many shots, evasion, and flight spells which are notably missing from the inquisitor list).

Sanctified slayer gives a weaker but more consistent bonus to attack, damage, some skill checks and class ability dcs compared to judgment. The archetype has the added benefit of sneak attack and free feats in the form of slayer talents.

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