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A thread designed to re-live those memories of how you met the poster above you. It is very simple, you have to explain how you met the poster above you.

Why, I remember the first time I met Goblinbane. I was trapping Paladins in unsolvable dilemmas, and he asked if he could try too.

Good times.

I do remember that! However, I thought we had met when we raided the goblin fortress in the woods of thunder. Near lake Ospen on the outskirts of Gabral City.

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The first time I met Goblinbane we were, what, like 4 or 5 years old? He had just set his father on fire. Gosh, times were much simpler back then. you know me in real life...

I do think you have it confused though, I could have swore we met a day before that on a train. We discussed how it was going to go down but nobody was suppose to know. Oh crap.....

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I don't know any of you.


I remember captain yesterday when he was only a corporal. That was before he took some shrapnel to the knee, which was when the memory problems started happening.

It's okay, captain yesterday, we've been friends for a long time but I know you have a hard time remembering that. However, I've made you something you can never forget: your favorite breakfast of Haggis and Rocky Mountain Oysters!

Scarab Sages

Hey, JTDV, remember when I was Hiding In Your Closet, but you insisted that ankhegs don't have Closets...which was how you found out that you did? Because I was Hiding In it?

I remember how we met "IHIYC" I was hiding in your basement waiting for goblins to show themselves when you came down to do a load of laundry. Thinking back now, I only remember you washing a bunch of the same outfits...anyways, it's been over 10 years now.

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I remember purchasing Goblinbane from a vendor. He had been wandering through the wastelands after some adventure or another, and ultimately succumbed to head and dehydration, only to be saved by a caravan of slavers, placed in a comically small birdcage, and sold to me for use as... well, that's hardly important.

When we got back to the Workroom I had Jambi (this is three or four Jambi's ago, mind) take you out of the cage to clean you before we began. You weren't out of the cage three seconds before you clamped that maw full of jagged teeth down on poor Jambi's groin, tore of a sizable chink, and scrambled off into the night.

Those were good times. Good times...

I remember meeting GoatToucher when I took the wrong turn in a corridor and ended up in a weird room. He took a look at me, and offered me a job application.

Eh. It's a living.

I remember when we met Vick Tim, I was the hiring manager. You had a stunning interview!

Grand Lodge

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I remember when I met Goblinbane. I kicked him in the face, and that's why he looks like that.

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I remember when I met Kali. I gave her the string of "prayer beads" she wears around her neck.

I had them for a long time. They were favorites of mine, but I just pulled them right out and gave them to her.

Gosh, I remember GoatToucher from high school. Back then we'd tip over goats for fun (because it was much easier than tipping cows). I had warned him not to get too caught up in it all because he had started to develop a reputation as GoatTipper. Eventually, we had a falling out, and, well, last I heard he had quit school and got a job as a farmhand.

JTDV! My old archnemesis! I remember our first battle over the Waterfall of Unnecessary Doom like it was yesterday!

Liberty's Edge

Ventnor, we meet again - for the first time! Won't the first time we meet be in 900 years, when we find ourselves playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as we chase each other around the obsidian palaces embedded, like plums in a pudding, in the mantle of Fomalhaut?

I first met Laser Clown 33 centuries ago, when he was known as Corydon balista excusso, and had a job providing light relief in between the public disembowellings in the Colosseum, where I was employed as a gladiator's hairpiece.

Ah, Pulg my old friend, how are you? The memory of how we met stays fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. I was sitting in that little café eating a scone when you came in and held the place at axe point. Then we really became friends when you took my to your house and we played hide and seek. I'm still hiding in your basement...I have lost track of time...

I never actually knew what Goblinbane looked like when I first met him. I mean, it was months before he took off his chicken costume. I do remember him getting mad at me though when I'd ask him for some coupons for his chicken fast food restaurant, and he kept yelling, "What restaurant?!"

I remember when I first met JTDV. My house had an infestation of sentient silverfish and I called an elite team or arcane exterminators to drive them out. After they were gone, I found JTDV, then a mere larva, lonely and afraid, his family dead and gone. Such a pitiful sight.

I took him under my wing, by which I mean that I exposed him to all manner of unwholesome energies that mutated and warped his flesh and twisted his mind until it broke, reformed, and broke again in a seemingly unending cycle so torturous, so horrible, that he could not but pray to an uncaring god for death and I could not help but become physically aroused.

Then, one day, I sent him out for groceries and he never came back. I am still waiting for that cheese.

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