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A thread designed to re-live those memories of how you met the poster above you. It is very simple, you have to explain how you met the poster above you.

Why, I remember the first time I met Goblinbane. I was trapping Paladins in unsolvable dilemmas, and he asked if he could try too.

Good times.

I do remember that! However, I thought we had met when we raided the goblin fortress in the woods of thunder. Near lake Ospen on the outskirts of Gabral City.

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The first time I met Goblinbane we were, what, like 4 or 5 years old? He had just set his father on fire. Gosh, times were much simpler back then. you know me in real life...

I do think you have it confused though, I could have swore we met a day before that on a train. We discussed how it was going to go down but nobody was suppose to know. Oh crap.....

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I don't know any of you.


I remember captain yesterday when he was only a corporal. That was before he took some shrapnel to the knee, which was when the memory problems started happening.

It's okay, captain yesterday, we've been friends for a long time but I know you have a hard time remembering that. However, I've made you something you can never forget: your favorite breakfast of Haggis and Rocky Mountain Oysters!

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Hey, JTDV, remember when I was Hiding In Your Closet, but you insisted that ankhegs don't have Closets...which was how you found out that you did? Because I was Hiding In it?

I remember how we met "IHIYC" I was hiding in your basement waiting for goblins to show themselves when you came down to do a load of laundry. Thinking back now, I only remember you washing a bunch of the same outfits...anyways, it's been over 10 years now.

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I remember purchasing Goblinbane from a vendor. He had been wandering through the wastelands after some adventure or another, and ultimately succumbed to head and dehydration, only to be saved by a caravan of slavers, placed in a comically small birdcage, and sold to me for use as... well, that's hardly important.

When we got back to the Workroom I had Jambi (this is three or four Jambi's ago, mind) take you out of the cage to clean you before we began. You weren't out of the cage three seconds before you clamped that maw full of jagged teeth down on poor Jambi's groin, tore of a sizable chink, and scrambled off into the night.

Those were good times. Good times...

I remember meeting GoatToucher when I took the wrong turn in a corridor and ended up in a weird room. He took a look at me, and offered me a job application.

Eh. It's a living.

I remember when we met Vick Tim, I was the hiring manager. You had a stunning interview!

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I remember when I met Goblinbane. I kicked him in the face, and that's why he looks like that.

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I remember when I met Kali. I gave her the string of "prayer beads" she wears around her neck.

I had them for a long time. They were favorites of mine, but I just pulled them right out and gave them to her.

Gosh, I remember GoatToucher from high school. Back then we'd tip over goats for fun (because it was much easier than tipping cows). I had warned him not to get too caught up in it all because he had started to develop a reputation as GoatTipper. Eventually, we had a falling out, and, well, last I heard he had quit school and got a job as a farmhand.

JTDV! My old archnemesis! I remember our first battle over the Waterfall of Unnecessary Doom like it was yesterday!

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Ventnor, we meet again - for the first time! Won't the first time we meet be in 900 years, when we find ourselves playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as we chase each other around the obsidian palaces embedded, like plums in a pudding, in the mantle of Fomalhaut?

I first met Laser Clown 33 centuries ago, when he was known as Corydon balista excusso, and had a job providing light relief in between the public disembowellings in the Colosseum, where I was employed as a gladiator's hairpiece.

Ah, Pulg my old friend, how are you? The memory of how we met stays fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. I was sitting in that little café eating a scone when you came in and held the place at axe point. Then we really became friends when you took my to your house and we played hide and seek. I'm still hiding in your basement...I have lost track of time...

I never actually knew what Goblinbane looked like when I first met him. I mean, it was months before he took off his chicken costume. I do remember him getting mad at me though when I'd ask him for some coupons for his chicken fast food restaurant, and he kept yelling, "What restaurant?!"

I remember when I first met JTDV. My house had an infestation of sentient silverfish and I called an elite team or arcane exterminators to drive them out. After they were gone, I found JTDV, then a mere larva, lonely and afraid, his family dead and gone. Such a pitiful sight.

I took him under my wing, by which I mean that I exposed him to all manner of unwholesome energies that mutated and warped his flesh and twisted his mind until it broke, reformed, and broke again in a seemingly unending cycle so torturous, so horrible, that he could not but pray to an uncaring god for death and I could not help but become physically aroused.

Then, one day, I sent him out for groceries and he never came back. I am still waiting for that cheese.

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The first time I had met GoatToucher he had rear-ended my car. As the initial shock wore off he rear-ended my car again. I couldn't believe it! And then he rammed it again. After a few more times of this, I finally got out of my car and walked up to him and said, "Where's your car...?"

JTD my old friend! By old I mean you are actually old. I remember when you and your family squatted in my attic that one summer. You made a lot of noise all day, buzzing and clicking. But by the fall when you were ready to migrate I had become quite attached to your noises you'd make.

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I remember Goblinbane from his days as a street vendor in Shanghai. He sold me some fried scorpion-kebabs.

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I don’t know who I’m Hiding In Your Closet is and I certainly didn’t hire him to smuggle tons of illegal cat food through a closet network, generating vast profits for both of us. That very specific example is a thing that definitely didn’t happen!

Phil Collins met Sinister Stan backstage during Genesis' tour of Albanian meat-packing plants in 1986.

Stan attempted to recruit Phil Collins into his villainous cabal, promising wealth and power beyond his, Phil Collins', wildest dreams.

Stan did not know quite how wild Phil Collins's dreams actually are, otherwise he would not have made such a paltry, derisory offer.

I remember Phil Collins when he was a young lad. I am the one that introduced him to music and more importantly his first groupie. Anyhoo I guess you could say I made him have a crazy world.

I remember the first time Goblinbane was ordered to my cell. After the guard shoved him in I looked at Goblinbane and I was like "No roommate, fool!" It was rough at first, but eventually we became good friends and I even had his back in general population. That is, until he shanked me one day. But then he is a Goblin so I can't say I didn't see that coming.

I remember seeing JTDIII in the prison yard one day, acting all smug. So I shanked him and made him think that his goblin buddy did it.

I remember Sinister Stan, I always used to see him walking around and then one day I was accused of shanking my pal...I never saw him again, how weird.

I remember when Goblinbane wanted to attend a Screeching Weasel show with me at Cabaret Metro (this was before they changed the name to just "Metro"), but he was banned from the venue due to an incident between GB the stage manager's girlfriend (he killed and ate her). We had to find a way to sneak him in, and the best solution we could come up with is wrapping him in plastic and inserting him into my [REDACTED].

Suffice it to say, they night was not uneventful, as far as my [REDACTED] was concerned (this is more often the case than not, to be honest), so BG found himself poked and prodded by all manner of articles, up to and including a first edition copy of The Bell Jar.

When he finally managed to "evacuate" himself, GB found himself right where he began: in my apartment. Turns out I had taken a double handful of [REDACTED] and completely forgot about the show and GB. He was so mad he killed and dismembered Jambi on his way out (this would have been the fourth or fifth Jambi). I had no idea any of this had happened until I woke up at around 2 PM the next day.

Good times...

We remember when GoatToucher was behind us in the queue at the Trombone Clinic. We were rather surprised, as whatever that was, it wasn't a trombone; the verdigris certainly needed looking at, and the bell was curiously dented, but We suggested that he might try a vet instead. Imagine Our surprise when he performed a lovely version of 'Creole Love Call' on it, moments before the police arrived.

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Hah! Pulg's Fairy Trombone Orchestra! Imagine meeting you here! What's it been, like 20 seconds? Why do you guys keep following me? Good [pause] I guess to see you all, again? [slaps each member on the back with one of my tentacles]

Hey sentient bipeds, I first met PFTO when I hired them for my Great Old Ones-fey shindig, y'know the one where the pixies spiked the cloudberry punch with id moss? Hah! You should seen the look on the dryad's face when Hastur tried to hit on her in his ragged yellow robes. He had too much to osmosis.

Then, hilarious when my buddy Tsathoggua snorted pepper into the air above the orchestra, the wheezing coming from their bones making Shub-Niggurath so jealous she ate a dozen sprites in one gulp. Then the centaur stumbled into Azathoth's embrace, prompting another Wah Wah Wah from you guys - that was surely the best!

[More slimy slaps on the backs] Ah, so many memories...

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I remember when I met Sliska Zafir at a Japanese restaurant. I asked the server why my Madness of the Ancients Crunchy Roll had so much avocado on it when I'd specifically asked for no avocado - and the server said, "that isn't avocado...."

I would definitely describe Sliska sushi as "gloffy."

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I was at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’m Hiding In Your Closet was shopping in the “beyond” aisle. We shared some idle chitchat, and then he bought his Death Ray and left.

I knew Vick Tim ever since he was a little boy. His fathers Vick and Tim were the greatest Parcheesi players on the block. Anyways I am his god father now.

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Goblinbane and I were in 'Nam together.

Sorry, we were in Norm together.

It was the least popular job on the set of 'Cheers', but somebody had to do it, and that somebody was us.

I’m Pulg’s haberdasher! He prefers to wear hats made of the fanciest rocks, a service I am happy to provide!

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Ah, Generic Dwarf #113! Splendiferous to eat you again!

What's that Generic Dwarf #112? "Not this time?" Again, not this time?

Like last time [which was the first] we met in the salted pork consumption competition? I was busy moseying-emerging from my otherworld gate in grand style, while you were polishing your adamantine balls, and giving me the look-see.

A dozen roasted joints later I was belching acid splashes, and you, well let's just say that was no ordinary eructation. The onlooking dwarf ladies were batting eyelashes at you and twirling their beards.

Time for a rematch.

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<laughing> Oh yeah, I remember the first time I met Sliska Zafir. I mean, that's why he has that permanent frozen look of fear on his face. Apparently, he ran over and threw open the closet door and he was expecting I'm Hiding In Your Closet but I Was Hiding In His Closet and that really startled him. <laughs again> You should have seen the look on his face...oh, I forgot, you are seeing it.

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