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Ahmotep Staff Magus question

Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

Hello all! I'm finally getting around to playing Ahmotep through Mummy's Mask and she has been fun. Question about her prestige class skill that states:

"When you attempt a Knowledge or Diplomacy check, you may recharge a card to add it's adventure deck number."

I know there are some pretty hefty knowledge and diplomacy checks coming up so my question is did I miss some errata that said to add knowledge as a skill for Ahmotep? 1d4 + AD number still seems far too weak for the checks needed to clear...

There is no such errata. It works as it should be. Remember she has power to add/substract 2 to/from the result. So, d4+AD#+2 is so much better than plain d4.

SimonB wrote:
There is no such errata. It works as it should be. Remember she has power to add/substract 2 to/from the result. So, d4+AD#+2 is so much better than plain d4.

Still not exactly stellar, but then, not every power has to be. It looks more like just a way to cycle cards than an ability intended to pass a lot of skill checks.

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With d4 you have nearly no chance to acquire an ally
With d4+AD#+2 you will acquire (more and more over time) some allies and therefore usually at least one free explore

Also it doesn't prevent you from playing any additional cards that add to her check. lots of Blessings, items and Allies could add to those checks, especially if it's a roll to acquire a boon. In particular blessing of Wadjet.

If it's a roll to close a location Good Omen could lock that down. d4+AD#+(AD+1) and an optional +2 after the roll seems pretty solid, and the design of the character utilizing Staffs to attack frees you up to take a lot more utility than attack spells.

Also could combo quite nicely with an off-set Shardra, the Shaman from WotR would grant Ahmotep Wis knowledge +2. Other characters (like Bards) that can add to skill rolls at their location would also support the power.

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