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Currently I have succeeded on a command undead spell on an ancient spectre who speaks Thassalonian(along with common, Ophiduan, and Necril)... I wanted to learn this language but I only have 5 days to learn this ancient language from the spectre and I wanted to know what is my character's writing speed based off of? This is because it would take 20 days to learn a new language according to the Ultimate Campaign so I was thinking instead of learning the language could i just write it all down within 5 days and learn it later?

How, exactly, are you going to write down an entire language if you don't know it?

blahpers wrote:
How, exactly, are you going to write down an entire language if you don't know it?

I would have the spectre teach me to write it which may be an issue.... I have found a spell called Voluminous Vocabulary( /) which would allow me to write any language except secret languages and it mentions Druidic as a secret language but would lost languages be considered secret languages for this spell?

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