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Unarmed Strike + Spell-Like Ability = damage incorporeal?

Rules Questions

Hello everyone,

OK, let's say our hero is a monk 1/cleric 1, fighting an incorporeal critter. One of their cleric domain powers is Gentle Rest (Repose Domain): epose-domain/

This is a spell-like ability.

Three facts, then a question:

(1) We know that the hero can't hit the critter with a regular unarmed strike.

(2) We also know that our pious monk can use Gentle Rest (or any melee spell-like ability) against an incorporeal enemy: #TOC-Incorporeal-Ex-

(3) Lastly, we know that if we try to gently rest a critter, and miss, we can "hold the charge" and hit the critter in a later round with a regular old unarmed strike, and if it hits, it deals "normal damage" for the unarmed attack, and discharges the spell:

Now, the question: Would delivering an unarmed strike, when a charge is held, against an incorporeal being:

(a) Deal full unarmed strike damage, and discharge the spell-like ability?

(b) Deal half the unarmed strike damage (as if it were a magic attack), and discharge the spell-like ability?

(c) Only discharge the spell-like ability?

As always, thanks a ton for your help and time.


(c). Nothing changes about your unarmed strike, so you might as well just "touch" the thing. The only reason the spell-like ability works is because magic, and even that only has a 50% chance of working.

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