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Share your ideas for Eidolons! (I have a couple ideas, But want to hear more)


So, I just wanted to make a topic to hear peoples ideas for eidolons. I got three ideas myself but would love to hear what ideas others came up with!

My first idea is a Angel Eidolon, Looking like a beautiful humanoid with angel wings, Using man made weapons and some curative magic.

My second idea is a Girallon, After my first character got brutaly mauled by one. Large, Two legs, Four arms with claws, A nasty bite. Grapple and maul.

And my last idea is a three headed devil dog, Medium canine with three heads that uses bite attacks and fire breath.

What intresting ideas do you all out there have?

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What about a miniature copy of your character? Could call him "Mini-me."

I always thought some sort of rendition of Slenderman would be amusing.

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You talking original or unchained? Unchained doesn't lend itself well to creativity.

Original, my favorite was a huge sphere covered in tiny yellow feathers that just rolled around after its summoner. When threatened, it opened its cavernous maw. . . .

Sorry, i'm talking about original summoner. Thanks for the ideas so far!^^

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For quadruped, my favorite was a dragon-themed eidolon, with claws, bite, wings and breath weapon. Other quadrupeds could include a mount, perhaps even a faux unicorn with a gore attack, or a giant cat of some sort. A tauric form (like that of a centaur), that combines a quadruped with a humanoid upper torso, whether bear-ish, horse-y or bull-like, could also be a fun way to mix the best of both worlds, and have a quadruped that you can ride and also add some arms.

For humanoid, a Vudran/Indian-style 'rakshasa' with an animal head and four to six sword or axe-wielding arms is the number one with a bullet. Although an eidolon whose natural armor resembled a Hellknight's plate armor, accompanied by an Asmodean-themed summoner, could also be super-cool looking.

For serpentine, my least favorite of the original three base type, a winged couatl or uktena-looking winged serpent would be my first choice.

Later, they introduced an avian base form, and I was a big fan of that as well. A bow-using elven Summoner mounted on a flying eidolon could be cool, if there was only some way to give the eidolon a reliable ranged attack (like a manticore's spikes)... (The base concept of a flying-mount spellcaster is already doable right at level 1 with a size Small Druid riding a Roc, but I like the idea of mixing it up and doing it with another class, and being able to do it with a Medium race would definitely be a neat option.)

Combine grappling with fire immunity and a wall of fire cast by the summoner and you can bounce through the wall carrying some poor victim. My original idea was spider-like and had an extreme climb speed to make the relatively slow movement while grappling work.

Back in the playtest, when the SLA evolutions weren't so... bland... I used Eidolons to remake some of the aeons from Final Fantasy 10. Specifically Shiva, using Ice Storm and either Quicken SLA or Empower SLA to give the build some extra umph for a medium, humanoid eidolon.

Others inculde:
1) An 'axe beak' style eidolon that was protecting a boy and his twin sister, and had Skill Focus(Perform[Oratory]) so it could tell them stories.

2) A scorpion synthesist eidolon for a desert-dwelling gnome.

3) A winged serpent that was summoned out of it's summoner's sleeve or the back of his shirt collar for dramatic effect.

Dawwwwww @ the axe beak guardian!

Still waiting for a summoner archetype that makes eidolon spellcasting not terrible.

Gonna be a long wait.

Dark Archive

blahpers wrote:

Still waiting for a summoner archetype that makes eidolon spellcasting not terrible.

Gonna be a long wait.

Yeah, I was hoping that twin summoner inspired by the First World Eldest of twins would be the one to crack that egg, but not so much.

Alien Queen
Huge size, four claws, Grab, Bite, Tail/Stinger, Enhanced senses, Acid Resistance.

Female halfling with childlike feat and her teddy bear Mr Bo-Bo.

Actual PC.

Norgorber follower and very, very nasty.

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I recently tried to think up the worst possible eidolon. The winner was "creepy pseudo-clone of existing party member." The result was the waifudolon.

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My favorite is the Nocticulon - humanoid, claws, 3 tails with sting, wings, hooves, like 16 charisma increases and skilled(diplomacy). And she has improved grapple. For reasons.

I used an OOP Chaos Spawn model, and built to those specs

(link: ages& %2F06%2Fchaos-spawn-with-claws.jpg)

DRD1812 wrote:
I recently tried to think up the worst possible eidolon. The winner was "creepy pseudo-clone of existing party member." The result was the waifudolon.


/this is amazing

Oh! Got another idea, A Ratfolk Summoner, Who has a large Rat Ogre Eidolon! (Incase anyone is familiar with old Warhammer Fantasy, Yes, Thanquol and Boneripper)

Silver Crusade

A giant severed hand ridden by a gnome summoner. You could do this either original or unchained as a quadruped, with the middle finger being the 'head'.

Eventually, all my eidolon ideas end up as pokemon references. I spent an unreasonable amount of time modelling Silvally.

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There's an entire list in Ultimate Magic.

You could always take a page or two from Resident Evil and have an eidolon version of a zombie dog or a "brain beast"/licker (0:17 - 0:39).

Personally I'm looking forward to an opportunity to play a summoner with a skeleton stag eidolon.

Gore, undead appearance whenever I can invest in it, making it large and possibly huge to serve as a mount... There's probably more one can add to it for flavor, but it's almost 5am so I'm not going to peruse the evolution list right now.

Hi stag eidolon guy!

I just had another Eidolon idea! A Master Summoner, With a small sized lesser Eidolon, with skill points put into Linguistics! A small translator angel! Hehe ^_^

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