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too long; won't read version: Should Turrets have Point Weapons or Long-Range weapons?

Longer version: I've been designing some ships, and I almost always slap a Point weapon on a turret just so the ship can often shrug off the more-powerful tracking weapons. However, I recently helped someone playtest a homebrew, using a T4 Drake from SFS. And there, I found the Coilgun/High Explosive Missile Launcher Turret was actually a strong option. So, which is generally better?

Can't speak with first hand experience, but for what I read in the message boards, a big gun in a turret is really efficient

Generally speaking, consider how you will actually use weapons when placing them on the ship. The greatest power of the turret is that it can shoot anywhere - but it can only shoot into one arc each round, so once you've chosen, you're committed to that arc and only that arc for the rest of the round.

To me, the ideal positioning would generally place any limited fire weapons into a fixed arc - these are universally long-ranged weapons, so outside of ambushes, it's not unreasonable to think you'll have a bit of forewarning to launch a few opening shots. The turret is better suited for something that can and will be used continuously, to respond to enemies once they've had a chance to close in and maneuvering begins in earnest. Point defense can be placed on a turret, but given the commitment issues, I would typically prefer to place point defenses around the body of the ship in fixed arcs. If there's room on the turret, perhaps put another one there for possible extra coverage.

The counterpoints here are cost and function. At lower tiers, the power and weapon mount costs for placing point defenses in every arc can quickly become prohibitive. And a ship can benefit from the additional firepower of something like a HE launcher or the tactical nuclear launcher even if it's meant to engage at close range, simply to deal more damage more quickly.

So as a general rule, I would put heavier firepower on the turret, and point defenses in fixed arcs unless there's spare room. Limited-fire weapons I would also prefer in fixed arcs, based on the expected positions of the ships when combat begins - at long range, there's enough time to keep other ships in the same arc for a round or two. More, if you're faster.

IIRC, a point defense weapon can only fire once per round. Am I wrong?
So if you have a lot of attacks on one arc that point defense could counter you can only target one of them unless you have extra point defense on a turret.
But if your ship is not being targeted by lots of weapons that point defense could help out with then it is not a big deal.

So IMHO it can really depend on what types of ships you are facing off against. ie missile heavy ships and not a lot of point defense would be more of a problem then just a laser hull if you do not have PointD.
But if none of your enemies have missile weapons then your PointD slots are wasted vs other options.


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