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Eldritch Guardian & Feats with Usage Limits


Ran into a fun interaction the other day, and I'm curious what people's opinions are.

One of our players is going to be playing a human fighter (Eldritch Guardian/Mutation Warrior) in our upcoming Giantslayer campaign.

His first three feats (level 1, human bonus, level 3) are going into the possessed hand feat chain, and then at 4th, he'll be getting access to the optional Combat Stamina system:

Our Variant:
Our group decided on a variant that grants it automatically to fighters at 4th level, and the benefits only apply to fighter bonus feats - this is the only way we allow Combat Stamina to be acquired; we wanted to make it a "reward" for going deeper into fighter.

The question we've run into is how his familiar should interact with Combat Stamina.

Now, it's a combat feat, so it does get shared with the familiar, we're fine with that.

But the wording "share" has our group in a minor disagreement, with one side suggesting that the hand hasn't actually been granted its own copy of the feat, and therefor should have to draw from its master's stamina pool. This strikes me as a valid interpretation, but it's not clear how it should work.

What if it was a different feat with a daily limit, like Stunning Fist? Should those uses also be shared between the master and familiar, or should they each get their own allotment?

As I said, I'm curious what others think on the subject.

The archetype says it can use any feat, not that it shares any feat.

I'd count that against the fighters daily uses, but you also have to split hairs with teamwork feats.

'Share Training (Ex):' suggests to me that the familiar uses the feats by being instructed by its master rather than through a mystic link. This in turn suggests that it should use its own stamina, or pool of stunning fist uses. YMMV.

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