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Liberty's Edge

Suggestions on what melee class to take to kill wizards?

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I do not approve of this topic.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

1. Other wizard

2. Monk: all good saves, evasion & still mind, high mobility, good at grappling and combat maneuvers (like Steal Spell Component Pouch--which also targets their relatively low CMD), great Perception (for Find Secret Hidden Extra Spell Component Pouch), Stunning Fist makes them drop their Spell Component Pouch (and targets their relatively weak Fortitude save). Is Knowledge arcana still a class skill for monks?

3. Superstitious Barbarian: Use a big two-handed weapon, the whole Vital Strike feat chain, and ready an action to hit when the wizard casts, forcing a giant Concentration check.

4. Paladin: Great saves, swift action healing mitigates only good Reflex saves AND mercies can remove statuses. Use a big two-handed weapon, the whole Vital Strike feat chain, and ready a Smite Evil when the wizard casts. Or before hand, to make those Touch AC & Ranged Touch AC attacks harder to hit.

5. Fighter: So you can afford to waste a bunch of feats on Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Improved Iron Will, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Improved Great Fortitude, Blindfight, Improved Blindfight, Greater Blindfight....

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Elf Wizard wrote:
I do not approve of this topic.

And be a dwarf.

Or a Sacred Tattoo + Fate's Favored half-orc.

AM BARBARIAN is the best class for killing casties. I'm sure the big guy himself will show up here at some point to inform you of the finer points of being a paranoid, mounted, Spell Sunder Barbarian with an engineering degree with RAGELANCEPOUNCE THAT AM PIERCE HEAVENS!

A Tetori Monk.

Tetori get within grapple range, that wizard is done for.

What level wizard? Is he aware you want to kill him? Tactics for murdering wizards varies dramatically based on what level they are and how prepared they are for you

Assuming you mean over the course of many levels, say lv1-14(once clone kicks in they are pretty much immortal), you are going to need good stealth/bluff, umd, and good single round damage output. I would say alchemist and magus are the best wizard slayers. Of purely non casters barbarian is definitely the best for reasons stated by others

Also just pointing out, Secluded Grimoire has no save. Enjoy

@elfwizard we have to tell them how to kill the unprepared ones so that we can pretend its a balanced class

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*looks around for IAM BARBARIAN* hmmmm *waits*

Irranshalee wrote:
Suggestions on what melee class to take to kill wizards?

The magus is very adept at stopping other casters.

Lingering Pain, Dimensional Agility, Arcane Scent, Dispelling Strike, Arcana Theft.

The possibilities are endless.

A superstitious half orc with sacred tattoo taking the human FCB as a barbarian with spell sunder is probably the best at surviving a wizard.

A tetori could potentially shut them down, although they're stumped by Emergency Force Sphere.

One big question is are you thinking in terms of PC or NPC wizards?
NPC wizards are less likely to abuse all the options open to wizards and should thus be much easier to deal with.

Bloodrager: Primalist/Untouchable Rager
Arcane Bloodline

Superstitious, Eater of Magic; Disruptive, Spell Breaker; Witch Hunter, Spell Sunder and Sunder Enchantment rage powers.


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Sylvan sorcerer with a tiger. 95% of the casting power and a grappler to bring with you.

Grandlounge wrote:

Sylvan sorcerer with a tiger. 95% of the casting power and a grappler to bring with you.

Not a bad idea.

Second suggestion. Battle oracle with the dual cursed.

- Maneuver master means you can grapple with the big boys.

- Rerolls for saves.

- Roll multiple times on initiative and always act in the surprise round.

- Source Severance is antimagic field for arcane spells.

- Access to dispel and greater dispel magic.

Liberty's Edge

Sorry it took so long to reply, I was at work.

It has to be a melee class, no casters. I can use any Pathfinder book, no 3rd party. I do not want to be forced into riding a mount. I want to be able to deal some significant damage, not just mage killer. I am not opposed to grapple, but I do not want it to be the only thing I do.

This is a roleplaying opportunity so I need these restrictions.

I was leaning towards a barbarian w/falchion, I just didnt know the specifics of the barbarian.

For a barb the main things are to take Supersition and the human FCB to pump superstition higher, which will result is some of the best saves in the game. The other big thing is Spell Sunder.

I like slayers. The stygian slayer archetype gives you spell like abilities that help assassinate. Another archetype that would work is the bounty hunter with sniper it is a good options as ranged dirty trick can be used to blind which is powerful against casters.

I recently came up with this little combo. Take one level of Brawler (strangler), Studied Target + Focused Target + Seething Hatred (from martial flexibility).

When you put this all together you have a nice damage boost (2*(study target + 1)). If you keep your int high you can attempt to use Assassinate (incapacitate for bounty hunter) to beat a wizard. Lenses of the Predator's Gaze boost the DC for this in addition to focused target.

You may want Scrying Familiarity to help keep you concealed. Range will be your friend against a wizard. True seeing has a range of 120ft but they still have to be able to beat your steal with huge penalties for distance if your work with a longbow and are willing to take some penalties.

Emboldening Strike can boost your saves.

Shadow Duplicate for mirror image.

This build can be made into good grappling build using the strangler and bounty hunter combo.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, also I would be a guard so sneaking around to assassinate is not in my roleplaying.

If the mage ambushes you rather than vice versa (likely for a guard) you're going to need to be lucky to win. This goes double for a barbarian who's relying on rage and rage powers to not lose. A level or two of sohei monk would help there though, even if it rules out barbarian due to alignment issues. You could stick with sohei, or follow it up with one of the spell-less paladin archetypes, assuming that paladin casting violates your no-caster rule.

If a monk or paladin doesn't appeal consider a vigilante. They get a good will save at least which is one of the most common ways for a mage to win vs. pure martial types. They can get some antimage talents like throat jab too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

avr makes a good point on superstition not working if you're a guard being ambushed
Honestly barbarian doesn't really work as a city guard for me at all.

My main slayer's main rp tactic is to disguise himself as a soldier this let's him go anywhere, talk to anyone and get very near high value targets. Sneaking rarely used.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

avr makes a good point on superstition not working if you're a guard being ambushed

Honestly barbarian doesn't really work as a city guard for me at all.

Headband of Havok helps 1/day.

Dwarven fighter (or human with racial heritage:dwarf), specialize in sunder, take the Disruptive chain (coupled with Advanced Weapon Training: Abundant Tactics) and Sunder Blessing. If you don't play with Stamina, take Combat Stamina.

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Barbarian (brutal pugilist) 2/skald 1/wizard 2/dragon disciple 4 (advance wizard casting)/eldritch knight 9. Cast antimagic shell, rage (Ex), and grapple the enemy wizard/rip them to pieces.

Somewhat relevant.

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