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The Devari-The Lashunta's Distant Cousin


*This lashunta seems to combine the slight build of the Damaya and short height of the Korasha into a shockingly agile package that at the moment is piecing a broken drone back together faster to your eyes can follow. The drone and the lashunta let out an almost identical trills as the little robot returns to life. At that point she notices you and shy;s away before disappearing into the guts of engine she was leaning against leaving you more then a tad perplexed.*

**Attributes**- +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Cha Devari are quick with their hands and minds but lack the charm their genetic cousins are born with.

**Size and Type**-Devari are Medium Humanoids with the Lashunta subtype

**Devari Quirks**-Devari gain the following Spell-like abilities and Skills.

**All the Time**
Mending-Devari can restore 1d4 Hit Points to an Object or Construct
Telecode-Devari's natural telepathy is keyed into cybernetic signals allowing them to converse with computers and drones.

**Once Per Day**
Bypass-Devari are skilled at getting inside computer systems and electronic devices.

**Engineer**-Devari love tinkering with technology and gain a +2 on Engineering and Computing checks.

Devari are a recently discoverd third subspecies of Lashunta that evolved on *The Shotalashu* a great Lashuntan Arkship due to the environmental pressures of living within and maintaining a large space-ship. The Devari evolved solely amongst the Engineers, Mechanics and Sanitation Workers of the great vessel slowly losing their natural charisma but gain sharper reflexes and minds to adapt with their complicated and often times dangerous work. They have since bred true and upon the discovery of *The Shotalashu* by a Starfinder exploration made up twenty-five percent of the vessel's population. Since their arrival back in the Pact Worlds the introverted Devari have taken to Absalom Station and the ability to slip away in this apex of mechanical engineering. The most interesting fact about Devari however remains that they seem to have lost the ability to converse telepathically with others instead they seem to have formed this biorganic ability to understand the coded speak of *The Shotalashu*'s robotic drones. Devari stand around 5'0" tall and weigh 125 lbs on average, they tend to look similar to their genetic cousins except one key feature their antenna tend to droop across their foreheads instead of stand up straight

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I have a concern. Is there any reason for a mechanic to not be this race?

A separate question: are telecode and bypass existing spells? I don't know the Starfinder spells very well yet.

Bypass is a mechanical ability and telcode is a tweaked telepathy. Hmmm...well you have a good point there....might need to do a bit of tweaking.

Where is the starting HP?

No mechanical comments, just wanted to say I am loving the fluff.

Patrick Newcarry wrote:
Where is the starting HP?

They start with 4 sorry I knew I was forgetting something.

Mr.Sandman wrote:
No mechanical comments, just wanted to say I am loving the fluff.

I like writing fluff it's pretty fun, if you want to know more about the Shotalashu I posted something about it as well, and another Planet called Kaoling.

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