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Hello all I am playing a diviner in a campaign and he has been going well so far but I don't really know where i'm going to go next with him. This campaign has been very low magic so far case in point i do not have a single magic item I was thinking of taking craft wondrous item at 7th and Opposition Research at 9th to regain Necromancy as a full school for me. And in case its needed so far we have been getting a week or two between adventures so far in case we did have creation feats and it seems this pattern will continue. Any advice is welcome please no Third Party thanks everyone. Well I guess i do have an idea. I think I'm asking does anyone have any suggestions they think would be better

Elf Diviner(Foresight school) 6th level
Stat Score Modifier
Str 8 -1
Dex 16 +3
Con 12 +1
Int 21 +5
Wis 12 +1
Cha 8 -1
Hp: 29 Damage:
Ac: 13 Flat:10 Touch:13
Initiative: +12 Movement: 30 ft
Cmd:15 Cmb: 2 Concentration: +11/+13
Save Base Abil Misc Total
Fort 2 1 3
Ref 2 3 5
Will 5 1 6

Feats, Traits, Class & Racial abilities Magical lineage: Haste
Reactionary: +2 Initiative
Arcane Focus: +2 concentration loses weapon familiarity
Arcane Bond: Wand
Prescience: 8 times a day
Forewarned: always act in surprise round + 1/2 level to initiative
Scribe Scroll
Improved Initiative
Spell focus: Conjuration
Extend Spell
Augment Summon

Skills Trained
Skills Ranks Ability Class/Race Total
Acrobatics 2 3 0 5
Appraise 3 5 3 11
Climb 1 -1 0
Armorer 1 5 3 9
Jewel crafting 1 5 3 9
Fly 2 3 3 8
Linguistics 4 5 3 12
Perception 4 1 2 7
Spell craft 6 5 3/2 14/16 id magic item
Arcane 6 5 3 14
Dungeoneering 4 5 3 12
Engineering 2 5 3 10
Geography 2 5 3 10
History 3 5 3 11
Nature 2 5 3 10
Planes 3 5 3 11
Religion 2 5 3 10

Spell Book
1st- Identify, True strike, Grease, Color Spray, Burning hands, Enlarge Person, Mage Armor, Hydraulic Push, Protection from Evil, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Mount, Magic Missile, Floating Disk, Feather Fall, Comprehend Languages

2nd- Create Pit, Locate Object, Scorching Ray, Mirror Image, Knock, Bulls Strength, Darkvision, See Invisibility, Rope Trick, Pyrotechnics, Glitter dust, Summon Monster II

3rd- Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Haste, Spiked Pit, Summon Monster III, Tongues, Dispel Magic, Fly

Also I have been playing this character as a person who had a divination spell that went awry at some point during his training and is terrified of a lot of things. Also his negative charisma is not he is ugly or overbearing its just when he starts talking who ever he is talking to just zones out and never remembers what he says or even him from time to time.

You have great spells. Craft Wondrous Item is one of the best feats. I would take it if the GM allows it and you have the time to craft. You can not go wrong with that feat.

As for your Wand arcane bond. Have you decided what spell you want to put into it and make a wand of? Magic Missile and Scorching Ray are really good for the Levels you are at. If you are looking to save gold I recommend the Magic Missile @ 7th level since it should be cheaper than scorching ray (CL 7) for your caster level. Also, it is 100% accurate where you have to hit with scorching ray. Wand usually is the worst Arcane bond but since you took it you might as well use it. You get the feat to upgrade it for free already.

Your spell list looks good. What are you doing with Magical Lineage Haste? Is this for Quicken spell later?

I would also work on scribing a few scrolls as well if I was you. See invisibility is always great to have a scroll and on hand. So is Mount (I abuse this spell, it has too many uses), Tongues or Clairaudience would be another good one for a scroll so you can prepare the other.

I have been making a ton of scrolls since we have had given down time I have been scribing and using a ton I've probably been through 20-30 scrolls we are stuck in a dungeon right now so craft time is in short supply but I do have one see invs, one mount, one bulls strength and pyrotechnics. Ive been using magical heritage Haste to cast extended Haste as a 3rd lvl spell the last adventure when I was 5th level I carried two of those. So I wouldn't be scared to cast it in the wrong fight of the day. I forgot to mention I did make my arcane bond into a magic missile wand 3rd level.

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Swapping out the bonded wand for a ring or amulet would definitely be preferable. The problem with bonded wands (and weapons, for that matter) is that you must succeed on a difficult concentration check in order to cast spells when your arcane bond isn't equipped, which means you basically need to hold your wand in your hand to cast spells. This gives you a very serious vulnerability to being disarmed, but also means that for spells involving somatic components (which is virtually all of them) you need to devote both hands to casting spells: one to hold your wand, one to cast the spell. This prevents you from holding or using any other item while casting spells, which is a very annoying problem to have. The benefits of a bonded wand just aren't good enough to justify living with that liability.

It seems very odd that you're 6th level and haven't encountered magical items yet. Even in a low-magic game you'd expect everyone to have around 8,000 gp in magical gear by this point. If your GM is being that stingy with magic, I'm surprised he allowed a Wizard. Crafting is definitely worth your time if magical items are not otherwise available, as the lack of them is going to have a severe impact on the power of the rest of your party.

There have been a few magical weapons and like one set of armor just not much for me. The dungeon we are in now there has been more magic items. so I might see something soon. Its kind of been the gimmick of his campaign we are kind of bringing magic back into the world. Thanks so much for the notice on the wand arcane bond. I picked it at random just went with that because the group I play in do not particularly like familiars and I just looked at the list and was like well wand sounds good. But I will probably switch it to something I craft as soon as I can thanks so much guys.

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