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Syrinscape and Starfinder!

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We here at Syrinscape are super excited about the release of this fantastic new Science Fantasy RPG. Starfinder is the first ever RPG to launch with a complete audio solution ready and working from day one. With sounds of important Starfinder Locations, more than a dozen Starships, with 50+ different types of weapons. Sounds for entering and exiting the drift. Dramatic music for combat, seedy discos, docking bays, weird alien planets and so much more.

You can buy packs of SoundSets ready to use as you play Starfinder, plus specific Starships all ready to play. With the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator you can choose from a palette of sounds, combining them to match the setup of your very own Starship!

The Sci-Fi Player already has Spacedocks, Alien Planets, Cyber-punk Discos and a host of other useful locations and creatures. Check them out in the store! There are video demos of everything.

You might be wondering what is Syrinscape?

Syrinscape is a revolutionary sound design app that adds evocative sound effects and a movie-like soundtrack to your tabletop gaming experience. Syrinscape conjures every aural landscape imaginable, from ethereal forests and stony shorelines to dank vermin-filled dungeons and abandoned space stations. Many of you may already know of us for our audio work with Pathfinder and now we are bringing that same love to the universe of Starfinder!

Liberty's Edge

Steve_Barr wrote:

We here at Syrinscape are super excited about the release of this fantastic new Science Fantasy RPG.

The Sci-Fi Player already has Spacedocks, Alien Planets, Cyber-punk Discos and a host of other useful locations and creatures.

Just a heads up that the sound sets that might be usable for Dead Suns were (and are) of great interest to me.

The problem is, the soundsets that you advertise at the link you posted above say absolutely nothing about Spacedocks, Alien Planets, Cyber-punk discos or a host of other useful locations and creatures.

They don't lead to any link at all which appears to feature those sounds. What's there are links to ship soundsets. This appears to be for ships only.

Now, it may be that everything you say is what is offered for Syrinscape for use with Starfinder. That would be awesome if it was. I think the links you can steer your customers towards can do this if you point them somewhere else...

The problem is, your pages' product offerings are not matching the expectations created by your post (or indeed, the expectations I would have as a GM about to run Dead Suns as shown on Dice Stormers.)

You need to address this mismatch in product description in your links vs customer expectations. The content is there, but it's not as clear to see for a customer as might be preferred.


The link takes you to the store page for our latest Starfinder releases, which are currently the ship packs. To find other content you can simply use the filters on the left of the page or type a keyword such as disco or spacedock into the search bar at the top of the page.

We have hundreds of soundsets covering fantasy, modern and sci-fi, the link was purposefully set to help people locate the Starfinder sets released with the release of the core rule book.


Here's a direct link to every Syrinscape that works with Starfinder (with the filter described by Steve)
Everything Starfinder

There are Docking Bays, Discos, Nebulas, Sci-fi planets, an Alien Cantina, a Cryogenic Facility lots of Creatures and more...

As actual official Starfinder content so far we've got:
* Every Starship in the Core Rulebook
* Every Starship weapon in the Core Rulebook
* Every Handheld weapon in the COre Rulebook

And coming soon:
* Chapter One of the AP.

Video about combining our Core Rulebook Starships with the weapons to build your precise custom Starship you have built here

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