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Hey guys new to society play and pathfinder/starfinder systems in general. Long story short I played my first two adventures this weekend online The Commencement and Claim to salvation and had fun with both. The chronicle thing for commencement is easy enough but how does claim to salvation work with regards to applying the chronicle rewards?

Am I allowed to apply it to a lvl 1 character or do I need to wait till lvl 4 or lvl 3? Anyway, if someone more familiar with the system could let me know what the deal is that would be great.

If I'm understanding the SFS Rolelplaying Guild Guide correctly, then you can apply the chronicle sheet to a newly-created level 1 Society character (so no scenarios or gameplay in their belt whatsoever), but you'd receive lesser rewards, most notably, the credit reward is reduced to 720 credits, I believe.
If you wish to apply the chronicle to an existing character, you do have to wait until level 4 to apply them in spite of Claim to Salvation being subtier 3-4.

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Almost right. The character has to be first level but is not limited to freshly created.

Gary Bush wrote:
Almost right. The character has to be first level but is not limited to freshly created.

Are you sure? The wording of the Guide seems pretty clear cut there.

SFSRPGG (p.7) wrote:
You can apply adventure credit from a higher-level sanctioned module or Adventure Path to a newly created, 1st-level Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character. When doing so, reduce the credits reward to 720 credits if the adventure grants 1 XP or 2,160 credits if it grants 3 XP. You do not benefit from any boons until your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character reaches the minimum level listed on the Chronicle sheet, unless otherwise noted.

Unless I'm interpreting the "newly created" incorrectly, which is entirely a possibility.


Gary Bush wrote:

Almost right. The character has to be first level but is not limited to freshly created.

Hmmm. Not what I was told by the GM. If that was the case, I would have applied it to my level 1. Now I will have to wait until level 4 for it, as I am now level 2.

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Ok I am referencing a different section. Page 7 applies to a module or Adventure Path.

Claim to Salvation is not a module or Adventure Path so the chronicle can be applied to a 1st-level character.

SFSRPGG Filling Out A Chronicle Sheet, Step 4 (p.14) wrote:
A player using a non-1st-level pregenerated character may choose to apply this Chronicle sheet to a 1st-level character by reducing this value to 720 credits for completing a scenario or 2,160 credits for completing an Adventure Path module.

This section appears to be in conflict with page 7. My guess is that the restriction on "newly created" is an oversight and will be revised.

For now, I will use page 14 for my justification to apply to a 1st level character that is not newly created.

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The 'newly created' is likely (this is only a personal view) an artifact of the changes over time to the PFS guide, where it was 'apply to a first level character', then for a version or 2 it was 'newly created', and has since swung back to 'first level character' without the 'newly created' caveat. (My opinion is that the section referencing the newly created line was not cleaned up to match the current paradigm whereas the chronicle sheet section is.)

Again, this is just my personal view of the matter.


YinYang1st wrote:
If you wish to apply the chronicle to an existing character, you do have to wait until level 4 to apply them in spite of Claim to Salvation being subtier 3-4.

Does this apply to GMs running Claim to Salvation, as well? Or can GMs apply the Chronicle at 3rd Level? Reading the GM Rewards section of the Organized Play Guide, I could see arguments being made for either interpretation (but I would assume the developers intended for GMs to follow the same rules as players).

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Because that adventure used 4th level pregens you have to wait until 4th level. If the pregens would have been unique to the adventure you would have been able to apply at 3rd.


Given the release schedule for Starfinder content, the earliest one would be able to apply this Chronicle to a 4th Level character is sometime after October 18th (after the second book of Dead Suns is released, sanctioned and played), yes?
Since playing a pregen in this scenario is mandatory (at least for now?) and not a choice, if the Chronicle could be applied to a 3rd Level character, players could be applying it and benefiting from it now (without having to apply it to a 1st Level character with the reduced benefits/rewards, of course).

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I am just going by what the guide says.

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I would assume that the rules for applying this chronicle would function similarly to that of other pregen only scenarios. When/if I GM this, I'm going to have people apply it to a character within the level range on the chronicle, 3-4. I think if they wanted the chronicle to only be applied to a fourth level character, they would have made the chronicle level four only.

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Thursty told me that it could be applied as early as Level 3 when I asked him about this scenario at GenCon. Alas, I cannot point to the post here as it was not on a public forum.


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I don't see any mention in the Guide of what to do with adventures that are pre-gen only.

There appears to be contradictory rules in the Guide related to how to apply credit for a pregen.

Pregenerated Characters, page 6 (right column, 2nd bullet point) wrote:
You must choose to which of your characters the credit will be applied at the beginning of the adventure. Credit from a 1st-level pregenerated character can be applied only to a 1st-level character. Credit for playing higher-level pregenerated characters must be applied to a Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character of a lower level than the pregenerated character or to a 1st-level character.

So this supports applying the chronicle to a 3rd level or even 2nd level character. Oddly enough, this section seems to prohibit applying the chronicle to a 4th level character because it would not be "a lower level" than the pregen.

Pregenerated Characters, page 7, Applying Credit wrote:
You may apply credit for an adventure once your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character reaches the level of the pregenerated character used to play through it. For example, if you played a 8th-level pregenerated character, you would apply the credit once your character reaches 8th level.

This supports applying the chronicle only when the character reaches the level of the pregen.

Two different parts to the same section do not agree. I am confused on what a player is to do.

For GMs, it is clearer.

Game Master Rewards, page 16 wrote:
If the GM with a low-level character runs a higher-tier scenario that doesn’t include a legal subtier for her character, she takes the lowest-subtier Chronicle sheet from that scenario and holds it for her PC. Then, once her PC achieves the appropriate level for that Chronicle sheet to be applied, it is immediately applied at that time as if it had been gained by playing a pregenerated character (see Applying Credit in the Pregenerated Characters section on page 7). For example, if a GM with a 1st-level operative runs a Tier 3–6 scenario, she would take a Subtier 3–4 Chronicle sheet (the lowest subtier for that tier) for running the scenario and set it aside. Once her operative reaches 3rd level, she can immediately apply the Chronicle sheet to her character. This means that GMs’characters can potentially level gain several levels at a time.

A GM can apply the chronicle to a 3rd level character.

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Use common sense, Gary. The first section you quoted is saying that when you have to choose who is going to receive the credit for playing a pregen, the character that is going to eventually apply the chronicle must be lower level the the pregen used. The second quoted section provides guidance on when the chosen character gets to apply that chronicle. I know that you already know this, the language is almost the same as that in the PFS guide. At this point it would appear that you are being needlessly obtuse and argumentative in an attempt to get some sort of unneeded clarification.

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As you may recall, I work for the state and read laws all the time to understand what they mean, how to apply them, and how to change them. I am certainly not a lawyer or even trained in law.

I also looked at the PFS Guide and the language there is almost identical.

However, looking at the the language in the two parts of the Pregenerated Characters section that I pointed out above, they appear to contradict each other.

I am not trying to be obtuse or argumentative. I am just pointing out something that, to me at least, seems odd.

As always, I will follow what one of my VOs directs me to do as a player and as a GM.

If you believe we need to talk offline, feel free to pull me aside at the next game day.


Playing a Pregen special is necessarily different from the general rules for playing a pregen rather than an otherwise legal character.

Don't try to treat them the same.

Pregen specials are much more analogous to sanctioned Adventure Path chronicles than to normal scenarios played with a pregen.

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Sorry, I'm still confused. So the consensus answer is?

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Sounds like the consensus is to bump it up the chain and flag for FAQ.

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Yeah, I'm also still confused. It'd be helpful to have a definitive answer on if this can be applied towards a lvl 1 character, newly-created or otherwise.

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Kishmo wrote:
Yeah, I'm also still confused. It'd be helpful to have a definitive answer on if this can be applied towards a lvl 1 character, newly-created or otherwise.

I think that is one thing that is certain.

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Addendum to my original question. The chronicle my GM gave me has 2 xp listed is that even possible? Similarly, it has 2 fame gained but only 1 reputation. My understanding is that you get 1 fame and 1 rep for completing the primary objective and 1 fame and 1 rep for completing the secondary objective. Is it possible to get 2 fame and 1 reputation?


It was my understanding that one earns only Fame, which can then be assigned as Reputation to an appropriate Faction (the Faction for which one has a Champion boon slotted, most likely).

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Kalsier, please see my comment on the other thread you posted on.

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FYI All.

Thurston has provided guidance on this question on this thread.

This is what he said:

Thurston Hillman wrote:

I recently posted this to Venture-Officers, and wanted to make a public announcement.

Starfinder Society #01–00: Claim to Salvation *Clarifications*

-The Chronicle sheet can be applied to a 1st level character with the 720 credits.

-Because the Subtier is 3–4, it can be applied to a 3rd level character.

-In the case of the boons (for either application option), because they specify that they can be used by characters not on this Chronicle sheet, you can use them immediately.

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