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I don't understand why anyone would pick technomancer over mystic. Technomancer has way less class abilities, effectively less spells known (because of mystic connections), cant heal, and overall seems weaker. For some reason, I still feel drawn to make one. Can someone help me understand what the differences are? DO they have different roles?

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Technomancer has Magic Hacks, which are very good, a better utility spell list, and almost all the area effect 'control' type spells. It's actually a really good list of abilities.

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The spell list really are different, not weaker or stronger from my view. The magic hacks are also much easier to personalize and change direction with if your game doesn't go down the path expected. Once you've picked your Mystic connection you largely get what you get. And healing, while nice, isn't as vital in a game where a 10 minute rest recovers half or more of someone's hit points.

Technomancers can also cast more spells per day than the Mystic due to their Spell Cache class feature. Being able to cast four 1st-level spells at level 1 rather than three is a pretty solid advantage.

Also, Technomancers are better at hacking than mystics are and always will be.

Technomancer, from a cursory glance, appears to work best as a sort of ranged Magus. Among its best long term combat spells in its first level spells is one for adding 4d6 to your next attack. And one of its spell hacks adds extra attack and damage bonus ON TOP of that.

Because of that, there've been discussions of it as being essentially the "ultimate sniper".

Aside from that, I want to point out that Technomancers have multiple ways to regain spells, mostly due to Magic Hacks. One of which amounts to "drain a battery for a free spell".

Not only that, but it gets several chances to allow a handful of spells to last 24 hours with no real downside. Essentially Constant Fly spell and a constant DR and Energy Resistance shield.

... That's to say nothing of the spell Hack that allows effectively infinite use of a single 1st level spell. Which, given how I've already established "4d6 to any weapon" is one spell, that's an obvious choice. Especially if you gain Proficiency with Heavy Weapons or Sniper Weapons, and versatile specialization. And if you go full sniper, you can even SHOOT THROUGH WALLS!

Really, Technomancers make EXCELLENT battlemages; its like if you took the Pathfinder Spell-slinger and took away all the penalties and downsides.

While true, the Mystic does sound like it makes a better "Wizard" of sorts, in the traditional Wizard stuff, like charms, utility spells, illusions, and probably summoning knowing some players; the Technomancer is a great choice for someone who wants to play a more... Straightforward combat role with their casting.

Side note: Even if you decide to try going with spell blasting rather than spellslinger style, you can get a magic hack that amounts to "Specialization damage, but for spells".

Apologies if Mystic has ANY of these benefits as well, but I've yet to actually read the Mystic's entry... Mostly because I just know everyone will want them to be used for healing rather than a combat role, and I'm the kind of person who plays Blaster Casters; healing is "not really my thing".

... Also I tend to die a lot, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants the healer dead.

Sovereign Court

Got it, thanks. I usually refuse to heal people, so maybe I'll go Technomancer or a Blaster Mystic. Thanks guys!

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Technomancer has the following advantages:
- An extra spell per day of their highest level. At low levels, an extra spell per day is more useful than an extra spell known.
- An extra feat, thanks to free spell focus.
- A better spell list for combat and tech.
- Bonus spells known are essentially replaced with extra powerful spells known. Hacks often use a spell slot, like letting you create items on the fly.
- Better weapon synergy. Technomancers get lots of options to make them great snipers, or allow them to wield advanced weapons in a pinch.

Mystic has the following advantages:
- More "free" stuff. Starsoul Shaman can take a stroll in space without spending a spell slot or resolve.
- Stuff earlier. When gaining a new spell level, Mystic gets a bonus spell known where Technomancer has to wait a level for their hack.
- Better spell list for social and medical.
- More health, making them more able to get up close and personal with enemies.
- Better spell synergy. Mystics may get abilities that modify their spells, like riders to compensate for successful saves.

Technomancer has a really good blasting trick. If you use Cone of Cold (can't remember the new name) and follow it up with a Fireball (Explosive Blast or whatever), the Fireball does quite a bit of extra damage, which can pump out more damage from your 3rd-level spells.

One mistake in the above, the Technomancer has all the good illusions, not the Mystic.

The explosive blast boost is 2d6 after the ice spell.

Other benefits:

With a skill boost, reroll spell (Probability Prediction), Comprehend Languages to read unknown languages, and Identify to glean passwords, plus Dispel Magic to overcome Security Seals and Logic Bombs, the Technomancer in many ways is the best hacker in the game.

The Holographic Image, Invisibility, Displacement, Mirror Image, and similar give the Technomancer lots of trickery and defensive options the Mystic doesn't have. He can also escape from harm more easily, with Fkight and Dimension Door.

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other advantage is that the intelligence based skills are going to come up a lot more (in general, obviously) than the wisdom based skills.

Computers and Engineering will come up a LOT. And the others sometimes.

Admittedly, perception is still somewhat useful :-) :-) :-)

I haven't played yet, but I suspect Technomancer as some people are envisioning it, is going to have the same problem as casters in Pathfinder: Not enough spells per day. If you want to play a blaster caster in Pathfinder, it is possible, although not easy. The main problem is that you run out of spells. In one fight a meleer of say 5th level can hit 10-15 times for 30-50 DPper hit depending on build. The blaster caster, if not being careful, can easily expend pretty much ALL spells in that same fight. It is really hard to keep up a steady damage output and keep up with melee fighters. That is why most wizards and clerics in Pathfinder play other roles, such as Controller. ( And PLEASE, do not tell me about bouncing lightning bolt. It comes at 12th level, the last level of Society play, and you get 1 of them. BFD.) It appears to me that Technomancer will shine in integrating magic and technology, especially in hacking. I *think* Mystic will shine in information gathering and mind control/enchanter play. The question in my mind is how Saves and DCs will play out. in Pathfinder, there was a clear bias against casters in the ruleset that goes all the way back to Gary Gygax. I'm waiting to see if the same is true here. (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, there are more ways to fail to land a spell than there are to fail to land a sword blow, and, to make it worse, a good sword hit can get some damage through DR whereas a spell either succeeds or fails against SR.) I'm very curious to see how this plays out.

Those are some very novel opinions.

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