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[SFS] 1-01, 1-02 & 1-03 Game Day 6 Startfinder Society Run. [pbp]


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Game Breakdown
The Gap was a sudden loss of history that shook the entire galaxy. It was an event where history disappeared from the minds of everyone throughout the multiverse, and only the gods have an inkling of what happened, but they refuse to speak of it. In that nebulous time of missing history, the world of Golarion disappeared, though the gods indicate the world—wherever it is—is safe. In the aftermath of the Gap came the revelation of faster-than-light travel by means of the Drift. It was during this time that the Starfinder Society formed and became one of the eminent organizations of the Pact Worlds. The machine god Triune’s gift of rapid interstellar travel facilitated a sudden land rush by colonists and corporations alike, and as exploration became an extremely lucrative business, the information that Starfinder agents retrieved secured the Society’s prestige and wealth.

This prosperous age recently came to an abrupt end within the star systems known as the Scoured Stars. An armada containing almost 80% of the Society’s agents and assets joined the Society’s First Seeker on a mission to the Scoured Stars, only for all its transmissions to cease. When the remaining Starfinders in the Lorespire Complex attempted to make contact, they discovered a terrifying truth: the Scoured Stars were now cut off from the rest of the multiverse by a barrier of incomprehensible power.

The events of the Scoured Stars left the Starfinder Society crippled, as most of the Society’s agents and assets resided within the now inaccessible systems. The Society’s prestige crumbled, and many of the Starfinders’ distant holdings fell to alien forces within months of the incident. Only the actions of one outspoken Starfinder, Luwazi Elsebo, held the Society together. Even with the dedication of Luwazi and her allies, the Society suffered further losses as disillusioned agents opted to part ways with the organization. Maintaining the Society’s interests was too much for the few remaining agents to handle, so Luwazi turned to outside assistance from reputable mercenary organizations.

With the Starfinders on the brink of ruin, Luwazi’s hopes now rest in the hands of a new generation of recruits and ambitious factions. Today is a momentous day for the Society, as it marks the graduation of the first wave of fresh agents from accelerated Starfinder training. These agents represent the first step the Starfinder Society is taking to reposition itself at the forefront of
galactic exploration.

GM Info
Greetings from Japan. That's right, I live in Japan, so my post usually come around 9pm-6am EST. If that's a problem for you, turn back now. I have been GMing games since 2010 and am coming off of a long needed break. I want to break back into the GMing scene with this new society and see where it takes me. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a table that wasn't already packed for me to play, so we'll have fun with these first three adventures together.

Players Expectations
First and for most, I want you all to have fun. We will learn more about Starfinders together as it is still a new system and I am sure we will all be confuddled at some points.

I will usually have the forms up on my computer at work and even drop in on it sometimes after work. So I will typically post once a day (If not more) and I would love the same from you as well.

We will be using Google Slides for maps since I can move images on there using my phone.

I am somewhat a stickler when it comes to Profile Layout. To make things easier for running PBP games, I would love if you could set up your character profile to something like this profile of one of my alts. You don't need to go that crazy, but you must have the key information in the gender/class area of the profile so it will show up on the threads.

What you put into this game as a player is what you will get out of it with me GMing it.

Recruit Dates
Recruitment ends on Friday, September 15th.
Game Starts on Monday, September 18th.

Feel free to ask any questions that you wish.


This is my tanky Technomancer I made for Starfinder, or rather in a sense a battlemage. Our very smart and sometimes invincible feeling Technomancer.

Hello! Eager to try the new game, and loved your intro. Consider me enlisted (or a candidate, at least). I'm torn between a Solarian and an Operative, though...

Still filling in my profile but I am definitely down to play! Since I'm new to Starfinder I'm going to basically play one of the iconics (ysoki mechanic - level 1 of course) with the serial numbers filed off.


This is the character I played through the 5-part introduction event. I've also already played in the first part of the AP with a different character, but there's no way to report it, yet!

Osuro is a Damya Lashunta XenoSeeker Envoy (Phrenic Adept).

I also have a Vesk Icon Soldier ready, a Shirren Priest Mystic nearly finished, and can build pretty much anything else if there's a need to balance a table.

Note: It is important to have a good Diplomacy/Intimidate, Pilot, Computer, Engineer and Pilot/Soldier (each as a different character) for the starship mechanics. You can survive not having the perfect mix, but if things go wrong you could need everyone at the same time. Just an opinion.

It's good to see some activity. We are almost all new to Starfinder, so i believe we will do good.

Is this a Starfinder Society game?

Meaning, do you need a Starfinder Society registration (number?) to play or is the Starfinder just fluff?

Thanks for hosting (whatever the answer) :)


I'd like to apply with my Human Xenoseeker Envoy. I need to get the info off the character sheet and into the profile, but here he is. Thanks for offering to host!

This will be a Starfinder Society game. Which you should be able to sign up for a number... (don't know if it's different from the PFS number).


We reported the 5 part intro event using our PFS numbers, and the character showed up in my profile as character #701.

So, same numbers.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have a Solarion I'd like to run with!

(Question, I'm currently playing in 1-00 as a pregen. If I start playing these scenarios then that means I can apply the credit from 00 AFTER these scenarios correct?)

Thanks, Osuro,

And yes Nalun. When playing as a pregen, you can apply the credit to any character. They will receive the credit once they are the appropriate level.


Hey there! Profile isn't set up with the important details in the race/gender line, but his stats are on his profile and I'll get the rest set when I wake up in the morning, and if there is still room for me :-P

EDIT: Or I'll get too excited and add it in anyway >_>

Note About the Character:

His race is Sarcesian, which I have a boon for that I got by being a Tier 1 GM at GenCon. If you're uncomfortable with that, I have two other characters that I can play instead that are a human mechanic and a ysoki technomancer. Let me know either way :-)

Dark Archive

Dotting. Don't have a free SFS pc but will roll up a new one.

Silver Crusade

Go ahead and take Gil out of the running, something came up

Current list of characters interested in play. If I have missed something, please let me know. Everyone, please type up an (Image/method of play) that you want your character to do. Put it in a spoiler.

Z Data Z - Android - Mercenary Technomancer
Jereru - Solarian or Operative
Zhot - Mechanic/Bounty Hunter
Osuro - Damaya Lashunta - Envoy (Phrenic Adept) 1
Rabina Benavente
Kadlos - Xenoseeker Envoy
Nalun - Solarion



Hi, GM - could you clarify what you mean by "(Image/method of play)"? Thanks!


Here is my submission.

He is a Shirran Mystic Priest. I just have to transfer the data to my profile and that's it.


Hello, Jereru here. I finally opted for an Operative. Everything should be in the alias, just tell me if you need anything else (yeah, I know background is short. Might add some flavour as I get more ideas and read more about the world).


Kadlos - 8574-703 wrote:
Hi, GM - could you clarify what you mean by "(Image/method of play)"? Thanks!

Yeah, same here, a clarification on what you mean would be nice.


I, too, was awaiting an answer. "method of play" must mean something other than I think, because my answer would be play-by-post. That answer makes little sense with the other option being a picture, though.

Not a lot of existing graphical references for some of the newer races, either.

Second Seekers

Whoops! I'm late I'm late I'm late! Here's Vahni Dahawan for your consideration.


I am submitting Moktargarn, a Vesk Soldier who refuses to kill anyone. Punch them, cajole them, even intimidate them! Not kill, though.

I will link the sheet and amend the profile later on, as I'm off to bed!

Dark Archive

Dropping out as I'm overbooked on games.

How do you imagine your characters will play. Fighter, Dp, healer etc.

Second Seekers

I'm afraid that I'm going to have to drop out. I'm going to be playing every single scenario IRL in two weeks, and I want to make sure that there won't be any legality mixups because I'm also participating in this game.


Moktargarn is firmly in the Fighter camp, with a focus on tripping opponents with his taclashes or just plain knocking them out over actually killing them.


Ah. Osuro is a manipulation of an old Sci-Fi book name: Doctor to the Stars.

His first Envoy special is the ability to regenerate some Stamina for his fellows, but he will lose out on anymore because of the focus on mental abilities. His technical medical training will keep growing and providing him more and more capability in that regard.

He is a Xenoseeker, so his goal is to find new life and establish positive contact. His advancing telepathic abilities could help with that, and his medical talents shouldn't hurt . . ..


method of play:
Data runs up the the hoard of enemies clumped together and casts overheat on the three of them in the 15 foot cone dmg: 2d8 ⇒ (8, 2) = 10 fire dmg to each enemy. Then he starts singing the song Feel, the heat, some like it hot...
Or Data sees the enemies are spread out and our fight can go toe to toe with the bag guy, so he casts supercharage weapon on the fighters sword. As he touches the sword it begins to glow and the fight can feel the power in his sword Don't have the book open right now, but if I remember it gave you like an extra 4d8 damage on the weapon, but only lasts until you hit with the weapon


I see Nalun as a melee specialist... when not in combat Nalun's specialty will be talking. A an adherent of the Cycle and a messenger of the Cycle he values meeting and sharing ideas with various races and peoples across the galaxy.

Okay. Here are the choices I have decided upon. If I got your role wrong, please correct me. Go ahead and dot in the group chat and the play threads.

Z Data Z - Range/DPS
Jereru - DPS/Traps
Nalun - Melee
Z'han "Zeth" Zeelvil - Healer
Osuro - Buffs

We had one drop out, taking us to a table of 4. I would continue as is, but would like to give a shout out and see if anyone with a healer type would like to join. We are about to start in the next 24 hours.

I'm throwing my hat in as interested to fill that slot with the caveat warning that I'm new to PbP and Society play in general. I'm pulling it all together and can have things ready to go by the 24 hour mark.

Are you set on needing the Healer type for the party? I'm happy to build one (that basically forces a Mystic) but from what I've seen SF is much less reliant on a combat healer what with Resolve mechanics. Just wondering since I have lvl 1 melee soldier and an icon envoy built out.

I always try to get the groups as a "Better safe than sorry." so if your character can heal (even a little) I'll consider it.


Alright, this is Hefty updating with Isho Ishi, Ysoki Scholar-Mechanic and his medical drone Pointy, who is armed with a Needler and Mk1 Serums. He'll play as a Skill Monkey/Healer (but not a face) and put out damage where he can.

I've got him registered in SFS now and crunch should be ready for viewing on the profile, I'll add in some more background/appearance when it isn't 5am. In short he is a follower of the Prophecies of Kalistrade (CRB p482) and so he doesn't like to touch/be touched, wears a ratman-sized white bodycover and a white mask, and he fully expects the universe to shower him with praises and gifts for all the good he does.

Isho, hop on over.

Spreadsheet sez there are still openings.
SFS ID:274101
I have a human technomancer/scholar ready on a spreadsheet yLE0rfxk/edit?usp=sharing

I'd like to roll for abilities rather than the chincy 10 point buy
Ideally I'd like to (Roll20 syntax) "4d6rd1" 8 times drop the hi and the lo results to smooth out any OP or UP results.

If that is acceptable could you send R20 game invitation to roll the abilitys in, please?

If I have to wait for a PC to drop do I start as L1 or at the APL of the current party?
Is starting wealth CRB 1000/WBL? or something a tad more generous/useful?
Can we buy L2 weapons as a L1 char?


Hey @Anomalyst, I hope I'm not stepping on toes here for Amsheagar to answer, but since the game is for Starfinder Society the creation I used and which is necessary is to follow the Society rules. That means 10 point buy is a m,ust, the character can only ever start at Level 1 and needs to level up through Society play (and therefore the standard 1000 credits) and usual purchase rules for what levels you can buy.

I just recently began learning the specifics of Society play myself so I know the restrictions might seem frustrating if you aren't used to it, but it's all for the sake of Organized Play balance.

As for whether he's running a waitlist or anything, I'll leave that to the GM to answer.

I'll open up the recruitment thread if i need to grab a new player. But, you have to follow the rules set by the Society for any PFS/SFS game.

OK deployed point buy abilities and switched to themeless

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