Space (Ship) Monsters - Ideas / Stats?


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I'm planning to let my Group fight against a space monster.
My Players have a Tier 1,5 Freighter (still 14 BP left) and they will get help from a damaged T2 NPC Destroyer.

Currently I simply use the starship-building rules to build one, but I have no ideas for some intressting, challeging "organic" Options.

So far I have these base stats (based on a T4 Heavy Freighter):

Speed 4
Maneuv. Average (turn 2)
Drift 1
AC 10
TL 9
HP 140
CT 28
Shields N/A
Attack (Forward) gravity gun (6d6)
Attack (Port) micromissile battery (2d6)
Attack (Starboard) micromissile battery (2d6)
Power Core Arcus Ultra (150 PCU)
Drift Engine Signal Basic (75 PCU min.)

The base idea for the Encounter is to create a huge creature, which can take some damage (due to it's mass).
The "gravity gun" will be it's breath weapon, while the micromissle batteries represent spores.

I want to spice up the combat a Little bit with some unusual options. So I want to ask if some of you have an idea how to bring this combat to live (I like more creative/tactical choice combats instead of "rolling it out").

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My first thought is tentacles. Enemy monster doing a Grapple maneuver against the ships AC. The ship can still fly around but it takes major deductions to attack rolls, and the monster remains on the same side of the ship (For purposes of fixed gun targeting).

Upon a successful grapple, and lets say 4 rounds without escape, or fully deplete the shields for one side, the monster releases zerglings (you know what I'm going for) into the ship.

That could begin a normal combat mini-game during the battle. Some characters could fight the lings while the pilot keeps trying to escape the grapple.

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I like Hijiggy's ideas!

Some other thoughts for abilities that go beyond standard starship abilities:

--The ability to spray out fields of nebula gas, that effectively provide concealment for creatures/ships in them, or behind them?

--A melee bite attack (which it has to be in the same hex to use) which (on a high enough roll) has a "swallow whole" effect, leaving the PCs to have to shoot their way out of it's stomach?

--The ability to quickly shift back and forth between the drift and real space, allowing it to effectively teleport every 1d4 rounds?

Nice idea.
Also thought about the "Boarding Option" but not sure if this is easily doable (two battlemaps, how many character rounds are a ship round etc.).

For the nebula gas: The combat will take place in the remains of an space Station, so I will go with some cover/LoS mechanic. Not sure if the nebula gas will mess Things up even more. ;)

You could simplify the boarding pevent. Instead of doing full combat just say, only the pilot can make Starship combat actions.

Everyone who decides to defend the pilot makes general pilot defense rolls before the piloting phase. Bad enough rolls and the pilot takes a penalty to checks. Everyone takes 1-2 damage per round due to the ensuing battle? More of an inconvenience to starship actions than an actual internal combat.

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Since my group is a little bit slow, I had some more time to build the space monster.
It should be the final fight for this part of the campaign. The battle will take place within the ruins of an asteroid outpost and the players will have help from a Tier 2 Eox Destroyer (APL 2).
I will add some asteroids/debris to the space map which will count as cover and/or concealment.

Drift Leviathan
Speed: 4
Drift Factor x0.5
Man.: Average (Turn 2)
AC: 13
TL: 9
HP: 80
CT: 28

Shields: Regenerating Flesh 40/40/40/40

- (Fwd) Energy blast (3d6, med. ,crit: EMP)
- (Port) spore launcher (TL, 2d8, speed 8)
- (Starboard) spore launcher (TL, 2d8, speed 8)

Modifiers +2 to any 1 check per round
Skill Pilot +10, Gunnery +10

Special Abilities:
Regenration (Su): The outer area (shield) of the Drift-Leviathan rebuild itself quickly. If an shield arc didn’t get damage within the last two rounds it regenerates 10 points of damage.

Spore Launcher (Su): The Drift-Leviathan can fire Spores from it’s side, these spores try to attach to another creature or ship and nourish from it’s energy.
While in flight the spores count as tiny ships and can be destroyed by normal weapon fire (AC 15, HP 10).
Once a spore hit a ship it attaches itself to the hull and drain energy from the ship. This count as a critical hit to a random system as long as the spore is attached.
The spore can be removed by attacking it with a ship weapon and apply at least 10 points of damage. Only other ships can fire on an attached spore and not with tracking weapons (AC 15). If you miss by 5 or more you hit the allied ship.
Alternatively the Engineer can initiate an shield energy pulse to kill the spore. To do so he must succeed a Engineer DC 20 check. If he fails by 5 or more, the shields in this arc is down to 0 for 1d4 rounds. Afterwards its back to it’s previous strength.

Drift Born (Su): The Leviathan is a creature of the Drift and is not able to leave or enter the Drift on it’s own. If the creature is outside the drift it suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls and it’s regeneration is halved.

i have dark matter elementals for ship combat
and the encounter of an ice volcano erupting at the ship

Ice eruption
Have the players roll a D10 that’s the number of rounds the plays must defend against the ice storm. On the ice storm turn roll a D6 that will determent how many ice asteroids that are going to collide with the ship, each asteroid must sussed on a “gunnery check” to hit the ships AC the asteroids have no crew so the piloting check represents the random directory of the asteroid. Roll d4 for each ice asteroid that will determent what side of the ship the asteroid will hit 1=forward ARC 2=Port ARC 3=Starboard ARC 4=Aft ARK.
ICE asteroids
Speed 8
AC 10, TL 8, HP 3
shields NA, attack (collision) 1d4 damage
Gunnery +2
Piloting +2 for purposes of combat order

I like the idea with the asteroids.
I think I will build something like this before they encounter the leviathan (a chase through the remains of the outposts remains to catch the leviathan)

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