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I've been working on Starfinder Society boon cards and I've managed to find myself at a place where I am comfortable sharing the current iteration of them. Currently I've made cards for the various faction boons listed in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, promotional boons based on the recent thread, and "Into the Unknown" Quest boons based on the rewards from that questline.

These cards are designed to fit into card sleeves and make it easy to see what any character currently has slotted along with knowing what they have used, dictated by flipping the card over or on it's side.

I am working on sprucing up the faction cards with their respective emblems and perhaps an indicator of what tier you need to be with the faction to acquire the boon.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Enjoy and I hope they work well for you,
The Lucky Halfling


I've added a link to a blank document for Scenario Boon Cards so that the link is in the main post. This will be updated with the scenario boon cards as I get them done.

Hey dude, this is a super cool project and props to you for doing it. I probably would have made my own personal ones if you weren't doing this. I love me some spell cards (prepared spells!) in PFS.


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Thank you for the support. I was definitely inspired by Perram's Spellbook and the cards it generates. Those things are a handy tool.

I'm considering labeling a card protector sheet wth the different boon slots so I can see exactly what kind of boons I still need to slot as I choose my boons for the session.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

This is a neat project.

I was thinking of coming up with a sheet for GMs, in which each player could write the boons that they are slotting and getting it laminated so that I could keep track! I like where you are going with this!


Liberty's Edge **


I have something worked up if would like to see what I have done.


Some way to track what is in play is definitely useful. This is just the method I'm currently working on. I mean a card protector sheet and literally slotting the boon cards just fits thematically to me.

Gary, feel free to share. I'll take a look and give some feedback.

Grand Lodge

These are great. Thank you!

Liberty's Edge **

"The Lucky Halfling" wrote:

Some way to track what is in play is definitely useful. This is just the method I'm currently working on. I mean a card protector sheet and literally slotting the boon cards just fits thematically to me.

Gary, feel free to share. I'll take a look and give some feedback.

Ok to post to your share site?

My sheet is intended to be used for each adventure and saved with the chronicle. I have also added the info on the retail program and promotion boon.


I'm using Google Drive. It's free and I believe it requires that you have a gmail account to be able to upload to someone else's Drive folder as well. It's a handy and free tool if you have not used it before. They give you free space that you can upload to and share from.

Liberty's Edge **

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To any who wish, here is my Starfinder Boon Slot Assignment sheet.

Starfinder Boon Slot Assignment

I made this sheet to be used for each adventure. The player writes down what boons they have slotted in each area. There are multiple lines for slotless boons. The back of the sheet can be used to take notes during the adventure because we all always take good notes.... :)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

I love this, Gary! I am going to see if I can modify it to include a GM Master sheet. As a GM, I am going to want to see in one place what ship boons everyone is slotting.

I am going to strongly suggest that all these SFS aids also be posted to the PFSPrep Site. It's lovely to have one site in which to find all your PFS & SFS Prep items.


Liberty's Edge **

I agree but the challenge is that not everyone knows about that site.

What would be nice is if Paizo gave us a thread and maybe little space to put these non-Paizo produced aids up for everyone to use.

I will be adding my files to the PFSPrep site when I get the chance.

Starfinder looks to be a lot more intense in the amount of supplemental aids that are needed to effectively run, both as GM and as players.

Liberty's Edge **

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
I love this, Gary! I am going to see if I can modify it to include a GM Master sheet. As a GM, I am going to want to see in one place what ship boons everyone is slotting.

Let me know what you come up with and I will update my file!


I'll take a look at the sheet and the suggested site today or tomorrow. I'm just dropping in to give a heads up that I'm working on double-sided cards after getting some suggestions from the Seth, the Kansas City Venture Captian. These are designed to be used with clear card sleeves and have a place on the back to denote character name, Society ID, and character ID.

Edit: The boon tracking sheet looks good. In regards to Paizo giving us a place to upload fan-made Society materials, it's possible to maybe sticky a thread with a link to the PFSPrep Site and/or a link to a Google Drive account that holds the materials. It could also be used to post links to new materials before they are submitted to the place/s that are holding the finished products.


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The link below is to my big folder of boons. There are quite a few folders inside of it that try to organize the various boons based upon their source. Not all folders contain cards at this point in time, but are being used as place holders. I know the scenario boons are still missing along with a few that were given out at Gen Con from what it sounds like. The scenarios I will fill in over the course of the next week or so. The Gen Con exclusives I would need to be supplied with the information to make the appropriate cards. If someone can supply me with that information, I would be grateful.

This also contains files for double-sided cards. You print one file, reload the paper, and then print the other side. I suggest doing a test page first to figure out how you need to load your paper.

Without further ado...

My Big Folder of Boon Cards


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So I did business cards for my boon slots. I am still working on them. My goal is to cut them up then laminate them. Use business card sleeves to house them. Pull them out when I slot them. They are double sided and have 10 to a page. I am currently missing the Factionless/Promotional and Faction Champions.

Click here

I have to print one side then flip the paper over to print. My printer does not support double sided printing.

So this is how the page is set up
Page 1
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10

Page 2
2 1
4 3
6 5
8 7
10 9
I hope this makes some sense.

Shadow Lodge *****

I'm trying to throw these up on magic card maker or something similar . I got some sheets that hold 9 cards on a page, and can throw the boons in that way to remember them for once...

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