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Nature Ally for Summon Monster Feat

Rules Questions

What it says on the tin. To expand;

I'm running a Shaman, and have access to only Summon Nature's Ally(Well I can get around that but not the current point). Most Summon feats ask that you can cast Summon Monster though. Such as Evolved Summons.

So my question is would Nature's Ally qualify me for these feats? Asking just to clear up some things. DM can probably hand wave it aside if no but this is more for my own curiosity and if I ever play PFS


If you are willing to take Lore as a spirit/wandering spirit you can pick up summon monster spells with Arcane Enlightenment.

Gallant Armor wrote:
If you are willing to take Lore as a spirit/wandering spirit you can pick up summon monster spells with Arcane Enlightenment.

That is actually the meaning behind my "I can get around that" statement.

But that requires me to hit 6 and miss 3/4 feats depending(Human or not). And also requires me to juggle stats just right.

I do have the answer so thank you.

You can play a samsaran with the Mystic Past Life alternative trait. Depending on your Wis mod, you can get like 5 summon monster spells into your list.

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