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Professions: what are they good for?

Rules Questions

I have been playing Pathfinder for a little bit now, didn't know what they we're for then and I don't know what they are for now in starfinder. Could someone kind of give me a quick run down on how they could be used?

It's basically your job so you can roll it to make money as well as use it for niche checks and situations. Profession: Soldier, Sailor, and Barrister were popular in Pathfinder.

Rysky's got the spot of it.

They've a bit more substance in Starfinder, such as this NPC with Profession (accountant, corporate professional, manager) as the hands-on head of a planetary colony - the first two are Int-based whilst manager is Wis-based.

Starfinder's Profession covers a large swath of Pathfinder's Craft, Perform and Profession skills, including different professions based on different mental ability scores.

Making money, for one thing. Our icon envoy is a popular video personality who reaps profits off advertisements on her weekly videos. By 3rd level she was a couple hundred credits richer than the rest of us.

Not much richer, but enough that she could afford a jetpack when the rest of us were a little short.

It's also useful if you can find ways to make it relevant wherever you go. She's leveraged her successes more than once. Got on board our enemy's ship as a guest of honour by exploiting her status. Got into the commentators' box at the enercycle race as a celebrity guest-commentator and fed us insider information. It's been a surprisingly useful skill.

You can also use sometimes use Computer and Engineering in place of Profession, so you don't have to worry about redundancy in some situations. For example my character was a Sun-Farm engineer, but he can use his engineering skill in Profession's place rather than losing extra skill ranks.

Grand Lodge

Absolutely nothin'

Say it again.

Silver Crusade

Mechanically it will likely only come up sporadically in most campaigns.

But it can be roleplaying gold. Although I haven't played her yet, my Icon Envoy's profession is a HUGE portion of her identity and will (hopefully) come up on screen a fair bit even if "only" in roleplaying scenes.

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