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All it took me to make a character/role sheet was time, a computer, and a text editor or word processor.

And, of course, the character cards from the games, the ‘Class’ decks, the ‘Ultimate’ decks, etc.

Over the course of about two weeks, working a couple of hours a day I made 67 character sheets.

I have 51 cards yet to convert to my character template.

That will be the character cards from the four released games and 23 decks.

I have four more decks on order, each with one character in them.

So, 55 character cards left to make. Then I will have a character sheet in my format for every physical character card I own.

Then I need to go through all the errata to update as necessary.

When I am done that will be about 122 character/role sheets in my format.

What is my format?

Easy to create, update, and use was my goal. I think I have hit it dead on.

I do not use images - no copyright or community use problems.

I do not use flavor text - no copyright or community use problems.

I do not use graphics of any kind - printer friendly is the theme.

We are just going to read, and read, and reread the powers and check off a few boxes. Text only and check boxes. Simple is better. And, Larger Font!

My sheets are in Microsoft Word ‘docx’ format. Character base and two roles in one document, 3 pages.

The base sheet is the base character card. The role sheets contain the merged base and role data. You only ever need one piece of paper.

I create a pdf document if I send a sheet to one of the people I game with. That's the scope of my distribution, myself and a handful of friends.

I rearranged the data on the character sheet to be (from the top down) Skills, Cards, Powers. Skills and Card data do not change. Powers change (including errata); being at the bottom powers can grow and shrink as needed without causing any rearranging of the other two areas. Works like a charm.

Once I had template, it was just a matter of music, beverage, time, and typing.

Not difficult at all. Just a little tedious. A side effect is I have carefully read and reread every character card and learned stuff about the characters I might not have learned before.

What's the benefit?

1. I am free of waiting on Paizo released sheets. I can make my own as soon as I get the game/deck.

2. The data is organized in a manner I find more efficient.

3. My sheets are printer friendly using only black, white, and blue (headings only) for everything.

4. Errata can be swiftly applied.

5. New cards can be quickly created.

6. Character sheets can be easily printed as required.

All I am trying to get across is for people to stop expecting to be handed everything, free of cost or effort. Do the work. A little effort and there is no problem.

If that is bad thing, then ok, I am guilty.

I briefly put a copy of my Magus sheets on BGG, but decided to remove them. Reasons.

This thread actually inspired me to do this little project.



[Back to lurking...]

[edit 1 - typos, mention merged character/role in formating.]

Much as we certainly can do all these things, it is, at the end of the day, fundamentally horribly inefficient for every single person playing the game to have to spend hours building their own custom solution to the problem.

Is complaining on the forums more effective? Well actually maybe it is. It might be a lot less likely to have an impact, but at least when it does it will solve the problem for everyone else rather than just yourself.

Re posting community versions, I get that there's copyright issues uploading them. But, they've been provided in the past. They've said they'll provide these in the future. The intention is clearly for this information to be publicly available. It might not technically be legal to share them, but for goodness sake it's hardly acting against the copyright holder's interests to do their work for them. The worst they're going to do is ask for them to be taken down. If you were some sort of pathologically risk-averse corporation with a mutli-billion dollar reputation to protect, such as I may or may not work for, I could fully understand the reluctance. But as it stands I find it quite surprising.

But that's all I'm saying, is it's surprising, I'm not asking anyone in particular to do it. I'm not myself because I simply don't have the required cards/info, I've only got one character add-on deck (and one already published class deck) myself.

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Irgy wrote:
Much as we certainly can do all these things, it is, at the end of the day, fundamentally horribly inefficient for every single person playing the game to have to spend hours building their own custom solution to the problem.

This, and also what Parody said about copyright. The community use is actually the much more important issue here - if given the choice, I'd rather use Parody's character tents than the official sheets, but without official sheets, there are no new character tents either.

And of course, I have done several character sheets for the missing characters myself as well; the important thing here is that the time I spent on these is not in addition to the time I can play the game, but is subtracted from it instead. And when you play multiple APs in parallel, this time can add up.

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Jim, you are missing the point, yes I want the sheets, yes I could make them myself if I had time, yes they are an added extra, however having established the principle of producing them, many purchase the decks expecting to have the sheets made available.

This plus the fact that no one is even taking five minutes to provide an update is what generates a "don't care" comment. If they can't even spare those five minutes then there must be an awful lot of fires to put out at Paizo or they don't care.

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The new game is the Main suspect in here... dventure-Card#32
And it is not ready, far From it so it can take a quite a lot time untill They have free time to these. I hope very good start to the new modular system. Make it good, make it better! These can wait.

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Hannibal - in your opinion they can wait - many of us who have bought product on the understanding that convention had been established that the sheets would follow will likely disagree - and all opinions are equally valid.

The big issue for me is there in no update however Paizo still find time to comment on other threads so the new game is preventing them from finding their way here.

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Ofcourse, but the new game is most likely reason that these has bee delayed. I own all character decks, so I am Also waiting these. But one people can do just as must as he can and when there Are more important task to do, Other things have to wait...
The release date for the new game has not been announced, so it is not happening very soon. I am guite sure that They would like to get the new game out before christmast season, so maybe we get new character cheets after that? But that is just a ques without any information of the new game timetable.

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Hannibal, if someone can post on the new game thread from Paizo, waxing lyrical about whet is yet to come in the new format, they can spare 1 minute to give us an update on where the new sheets are.

If the answer is we are focusing on the new game so don't expect anything until 2019, then tell us.

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Lone Shark is working on the next PACG set, but I think Paizo is making the character sheets (in cooperation with Lone Shark, of course).
It's more likely that the huge amount of work necessary for the Pathfinder RPG 2.0 playtest is getting in the way of updated community ressources; given that it's their core business, that's an understandable priority from their point of view.

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Seeing a lot of comments along the lines of "THIS is happening now, and THIS is happening now! That's why they're so busy!"

But that begs the question, what was happening back in August 2017 when this thread started? If a Magus Character Sheet was conceived back then, it would have been born by now.

Personally, I'm not desperate for the sheets and I'm all for patience. But a human gestational period does seem like an awfully long time to wait for something that — from the outside looking in — shouldn't be too big a job for a decent graphic designer* to kick out in a few hours.

From the Organized Play side of things, I do miss having up-to-date sheets for players to peruse, especially new players. That visual can be a real hook for the imagination. I had one person flipping through the sheets, and her eyes went wide when she saw Raz, the blue-haired Gnome Paladin riding an armoured warhound. "I wanna be HER." Boom. Sale made.

It feels like letting players down — and costing our store sales — to NOT have some of these characters that are so visually striking "on display." There could be a player out there right now who doesn't even know yet how much they want to play Celeste, or Yoon, or Zelhara, because they haven't had that artwork spark something in their imagination. ("Where are her arms?" "Is that a teddy bear?" "That's a LOT of piercings...")

*I'm married to an exceptional graphic designer if you need to outsource.

Like I said it's probably because it's no-one in particular's job to sort this out. There's probably staff reading this whole discussion right now, thinking "gosh I'm glad this mess isn't my responsibility". No-one's consciously deciding "let's not communicate on this issue at all" it's just that no-one thinks they're the one who's supposed to do it either.

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Bumping this in the hope that Vic or someone else in Paizo might actually be able to give us an update on this.

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