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[PFS] Wizards Wanted! [Gameday VI]


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A part of Gameday VI.

It says wizards, but magus, arcanists, and even the random spell-book carrying rogue are welcome as well.

I would like to collect a number of spellbook casters together for a scenario. Spellbooks are hard enough to come by in a scenario, but when a group of Pathfinders get together, copying new spells can be quite affordable. After a recent bad experience with a spellcaster, I want to encourage this kind of cooperation among Pathfinders.

Ostensibly I am listing Sanos Abduction, but we will find the scenario that works the best for the most people. Potentially a collection of arcane casters will be unbalanced and I may base scenario choice to accommodate. I may run more than one if the numbers work out. I hope to have a mix of levels, too many low level wizards and there will not be enough new spells, too many high-level wizards and there will not be enough gold.

We will start a bit later than the 25th of August, just to get passed the rush, so if your wizard is committed elsewhere for the beginning of Gameday VI, we can still try and accommodate you. There will be a big break Mid-September, when my computer access will be limited. Otherwise, near-daily posting is expected.

Sound good? Please list your caster(s) by name, class level (including school if there is one), PFS number, and whether or not you are listed on PFS Sessiontracker.

Silver Crusade

What leve is this for? I would be interested as I have a few casters that use spellbooks.

Grand Lodge

i have a toon im remaking into a sorc...lvl 2

Quintillus Hispaninus wrote:
What leve is this for? I would be interested as I have a few casters that use spellbooks.

TBD but somewhere around 5. Sanos Abduction is 3-7, but we could choose something (or somethingS) else. Level 5 is late enough for PCs to have gold and a smattering of spells (including 3rd level), yet early enough to be able to use the greater spell choice later in the character's career.

Venture Teller Play b'Post wrote:
I am listing Sanos Abduction, but we will find the scenario that works the best for the most people. I may run more than one if the numbers work out. I hope to have a mix of levels, too many low level wizards and there will not be enough new spells, too many high-level wizards and there will not be enough gold.

grimdog73 wrote:
i have a toon im remaking into a sorc...lvl 2

Not sure that counts as sorcerers do not have spell books.

Grand Lodge

you know, i missed that...saw the others and just somehow thought sorcs were mentioned i failed that Perception

I have no registered Spellcasters so I would have to create from level 1

Scarab Sages

Aikio the Red, wizard 7,
Wiem Weems Finyik, magus 6
25879, Yes on session tracker

Scarab Sages

I have this guy, level 3, if it fits.

miteke wrote:
grimdog73 wrote:
i have a toon im remaking into a sorc...lvl 2
Not sure that counts as sorcerers do not have spell books.

Still, I would rather the table go off, than wait for all wizards. ;)

Grand Lodge

cool...but if a wizard or the like come along, i don't mind them taking my place...

Scarab Sages

I forgot I actually signed this character up for another gameday game that starts on Friday. I'm definitely still interested in this kind of game, but given the lack of signups thus far I'm gonna pull out for the time being. Send me a PM if you can get a group together for the second half of gameday.


Only one person confirmed or did I miss someone?

Unless there are more of you, I will pause this thread and try recruiting again near the second session (& PM everyone). Please feel free to recruit anyone from your session 1 game if you see this.

For the record everyone is invited, not just wizards. Also I am not tied to the Sanos Abduction, I just had to put something in the blank for PbP Gameday.

The only wizard d I have is a 2nd level, Aasimar with the school of VOID (water prohibited). I have already played Sanos Abduction though. Please keep me informed if you wish to accept me.

I have a wizard 1/fighter 2 whos uses a bow mostly i mean he onky has a couple level 1 spells but he does have a book.

Silver Crusade

I do not have any character that level. I wonder if doing a Confirmation or something like that at that level would have the same result.

What level are your casters Quintillus Hispaninus?

Dark Archive

Garduk the Unteachable
Arcanist (occultist) 2 (5XP)
PFS 199504-7
Up to date on sessiontracker

This sounds like a great idea - I also have a lot of scrolls I bought with the possibility of adding them to my spellbook in mind, but I have been reluctant to burn them that way. I would be happier to do so if other wizards would be able to copy them after I did.

Edit - FWIW, I played through The Confirmation with Garduk at GenCon, so if you decide to look at an evergreen, he would not be able to play that one.

I have a wizard 5/invest 1 .. I've played Sanos Abduction already though... he's playing in a game for pt one of GDVI, but if this is for part 2, he should be free.

Dark Archive

I LOVE this idea. I have a witch for part 1 (not 2), if there is another witch who would like to merge familiars. Or, it sounds like a fun game for Game day Part 1!

Dark Archive

It looks as though Garduk's last group is getting back together earlier than I thought - I'll have to pass if you're running for this game day but will watch the thread in case he's available if you do it for the next one. This really is a great idea!

The Exchange

What about a sorcerer with the arcane bloodline?

I have not forgotten about this thread, and PbP gameday will have session 2 opening soon. I thought it would be good to bump the post.

FWIW Sanos Abduction is a place holder, I am willing to go with another scenario if it means getting a bunch of spell trading for you book-types. :)

I am willing to run multiple tables if it comes to that. Though timing is an issue and they might not all be part of PbP Gameday.

lvl 7 character (investigator 1/wizard 6) avail for pt 2 of gdVI... but I've played sanos abduction.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have either a level 1 arcanist or a level 1 investigator who I could bring to something like this. The investigator could help balance the party a little (i.e. add a bit of muscle and use cure wands on people), while still adding stuff to her formula book. The arcanist I would really like to level up because she has a bunch of held credits.

The Exchange

"The name is Ethan Kaenes" says a corpulent half-Varisian man with an air of arrogance about him. "I am the one you were looking for. I can lead a team of wizards, and show them the way to power. "

Ethan is a wizard (evoker) 5/ Bloatmage 2. He casts his evocations as a level 9 caster, and has preferred spell on Fireball.

PFS # 74294-17
Silbeg on pfstracker

Scarab Sages

My gameday part 1 game wrapped up, so I am available for this one again. Still very interested! I am level 4 now.

Dot! I have a level 3 diviner who would love to help... cannot currently commit, but it might be a neat way of dipping my toe into PBP... :)

second session of GDVI starts tomorrow I believe... is this still gonna go live tomorrow or if not, what's going on? Anyone hear anything yet?

I meant to send PMs yesterday and got sidetracked. Again today.

Yes second session started today.

My current plan is to run a table of Righteous Repose. Unless you have played it with this character, it is replayable. If there are enough firsties I will also run a table of Confirmation or one of the other 1-2 Evergreens. (This second table may or may not happen for PbP gameday.)

So if you have a wizard or book-caster at level 3-7, that hasn't played From the Tome of the Righteous Repose, please post class and level.

If you have a wizard or book-caster at level 1-2, please post class and level.

I'll have to pass, I've played tome with my wizard character... hope the rest of you enjoy the game...

Will we get our chronicle sheets by PM?

CRB or APG spellcasting class. Level 1. (Would have to create from scratch)
Not sure it’s worth buying UM just to play a magus...

Sovereign Court

I have this arcanist, first level, currently in-game obtaining her second xp point. Just in case your firsties game starts after the game she is in ends.

Still interested but I have 0 PCs in the 3-7 range who are casters. I would be happy to make a fresh lvl 1 caster for one of the evergreens if that gets up and going.

Would be an Elf Wizard 1, Evoker, focuses on nuking everything. Might be focused on electricity or cold v

The Exchange

"I have already saved a team in this region. " says Ethan.

Ethsn has already been through Tome, and I don't have another "bookcaster" in tier.

Scarab Sages

I am still interested, and I haven't played that scenario. Wizard level 4.

If you are still taking players, and wouldn't mind someone completely new to PBP... I'm in! (Atlantic Time Zone)

Liberty's Edge

She is the next available wizard that I have but she is only a 1.1 character.

This is Quintillus by the way.

Dark Archive

Torgat Eaglecaller, wizard 1, checking in. Garduk the Unteachable is still running Champion’s Chalice.

The 3-7 tier is going to happen later. Right now it looks like Dalsine Affair, but I will muster that when we get there.

So for you level 1/2 folks please head on over to the discussion threads and introduce yourself. Choices are Masters of the Fallen Fortress or the Confirmation, as those are the ones I own & don't want to delay starting any longer. If I haven't created the thread yet, give me a minute.

Linky? I will have the character built in 3 days (max)

EDIT: Found it

If you do not see this in your campain threads it might be because recruitment is not connected in that way. You may have to post in the Discussion or Gameplay threads (or both) to get it to show up. Please do so. :)

Sovereign Court

I have a Wood Wizard level 9 at the moment.

Are there any open slots left for the 1-2 session by any chance?

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