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#9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment

GM Discussion

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Sovereign Court *** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I had a much better time than I expected while running it. I thought it was too highbrow for PFS, but I had a table of only three players who all got into the Qadira mood and one of which was quite interested in existentialism.

I also tried to emphasize the social side of Qadira that these sects were rebelling against. That even though none of the Qadirans they met were bad people, all the jockeying for position was still destructive.

left review on product page.

From a game perspective the deity has her viewpoint and philosophy. It doesn't have to make sense or be consistent. It's religion. I wish it did make better sense.

I think the scenario is a romp and can be a lot of fun for those interested with skilled characters.
The martial types get the combat. They can ignore skills and get COMBAT.

The attacks in the final railroad are contrived (it's a high drama scene). Fortune favors the bold at the pool.
Do Pathfinders think they don't have to take notes even if it's nonsensical? You just MET a demigod/Deity! Hello! *thunking on wooden head* It hails back to Baba-Yaga eating rude visitors.
I think if you just treat Roidira as a 'power' that the PCs should play along with and get as much info on, you are on the right track. You could paraphrase this to a wise PC. Explore, Report, and Cooperate, oh, and don't be a jerk.

It is unfortunate that if you do not drink you get no visions (other than seeing Roidira) and 0 prestige. Seeing and listening to a "deranged and crazy" deity should get you 1 PA for reporting that if you did well on Clout. You have effectively ended the problem, just not in the best way.

on the write up of Roidira
As somewhat proficient in philosophy I found it sophomoric. As a Zen Buddhist (Soto) I was both amused and insulted. I'm glad no one took it for a portrayal of Zen. It falls far short of Nietzsche. It's really a concept revolving around denial, contrariness, and some late night quick discussions. I'll leave my critique of Roid-ira at that. Is it a portmanteau of Void and Qadira with an R for a V? lol...

Sovereign Court *** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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It's interesting that people keep circling back to Nietsche and nihilism. Although the Roidans are often called nihilists, they gave me more of an existentialist vibe.

It's not that there is no truth at all, but that you have to find it for yourself instead of latching on to structures that other people have built. You have to tear down things before you can try to see clearly. Of course to people outside looking in, all that tearing down looks very nihilistic.

My impression was that Roidira was disgusted that her followers didn't understand that: that her followers got stuck in the tearing down, chanting slogans part, but didn't actually start trying to think for themselves. They just changed one dogma for another. A bit like the "Yes, we're all individuals" moment from Life of Brian :P

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