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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post it, but I wanted to share my new pathfinder podcast. We are looking to run two episodes a week, dropping on tuesdays.

Wayward Quest is weekly Dungeons and Dragons (specifically Pathfinder) podcast starring Clayton Modu (Rory), Philip Falup (Sean), Percival Dreamweaver (Sabrina), Asharok (Cullen), and Turnip Therutabega (Stephan).

Our group has been playing together for 2 years now, with our DM (Mike) having over 15 years of experience with various roleplaying games. Our new adventure is taking us across the length and breadth of Varisia! With hidden goals, death awaiting around every corner, and secret kittens, we hope you enjoy our quest!

In this, our First Episode, our team meets for the very first time, learns some life lessions about secret missions, and has dinner with a scary Chelaxian lady!

Find us at:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/waywardquest
Tumblr: https://waywardquest.tumblr.com/
Podbean: http://waywardquest.podbean.com/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Waywardquest

Specific Rule info!
We plan to make our adventures as accessible as possible to everyone. However if you know a bit about Pathfinder and would like to use the same rules as us in your home game, we are using the following rule sets:
Epic 6- Gestalting
Advanced Players Guide: Traits, Hero Points
Pathfinder Unchained: Background Skills, Wild Magic, Dynamic Item Creation
Occult Adventures: Occult Rituals
Pathfinder Society Rules: Faction Affinities

Our First Episode: 1.1 Adventures in Magnimar is found at
http://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-11-adventures-in-ma gnimar/

Our second episode, 1.2 Goblin Trubs is now live as well.

Our Heros return to their lodgings, only to find that something is attacking Percival's beloved cat! What sort of criminal mastermind would be stealing from them? Find out this week, on Wayward Quest!


Good luck with your podcast!

Thank you Cuup! It's Tuesday, so we have two new episodes of Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/waywardquest-episode-21-into-the-goblin- lair/

Having found their way through the sewers, our Party begins their assault on the Goblins! Hopefully there isn't any nasty traps lying in wait! Oh, there they are, this week on Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/waywardquest-episode-22-philip-loves-pit s/

Well, that was nasty, wasn't it? A hasty retreat and back down into the sewers... but this time it's personal! Can the party solve the goblin puzzle? This week, on Wayward Quest!

WaywardQuest Episode 3.1- Escape to Sandpoint

Having successfully completed their first quest, the team is off to a new location! Scenic Sandpoint, where many a hero's career has begun and, as our Hero's may just find out, ended. This Week, on Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/waywardquest-episode-31-escape-to-sandpo int/

WaywardQuest Episode 3.2- Quarry Ho!

After faffing around in Sandpoint for a bit longer, our team finally gets their first lead into the case of the missing adventurers! Off to the old Quarry, but first, Phillip has to go down two more pits! This Week, on Wayward Quest!


Wayward Quest- Episode 4.1- Outnumbered And Outgunned

After losing some time to an audio issue, our party is back! Searching through the crumbling castle, they find a deep hole, disappearing down into the darkness. First though, they have to deal with a goblin hit squad! This week, on Wayward Quest!

http://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-41-outnumbered-and- outgunned/

Wayward Quest- Episode 4.2- Evil Horticulture

Finally Level 2, our heros believe that they are ready get to the bottom of the mystery of the Magic Apples. They just need to get past some goblin babies, magical hothouses, a powerful dragon statue, and a trapped book! This week, on Wayward Quest!

http://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-42-evil-horticultur e/

Wayward Quest Episode 5.1- If A Druid Dies In The Woods

Passing through the strangest Grow-Op the party has ever seen, they come face to face with the dark master of this underground fortress. Will they parley, or immediately go to violence? This Week, on Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-51-if-a-druid-dies -in-the-woodsmp3/

I'll start this when I'm caught up on the Podcast I'm on now!! So inspiring, I'd love to be a part of one someday.

Thanks for the interest Jack! It's been a lot of fun so far, but a lot of work as well. Editing takes me about 4-6 hours per episode, but just getting it out there is totally worth it!

Is this an AP play through or home brew within Golarion?

It's homebrew, pulling from some classic adventures that have been updated as well as some pathfinder adventures.

They're based out of Magnimar right now, working for Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch.

Cool, I've book marked it for a listen so I'll hit you up on twitter in a few days with my opinion in case you're interested.

Always looking for feedback Doc. I'll be the first to admit that I'm just picking up the audio editing as I go, but I'm also interested in hearing what people think are the ups and downs of my adventures.

Well I promised you some feedback and after listening to Episode One. I'm sorry to say I won't be joining you and your friends for the rest of the pod.

I wish you all the best with it and your DM is doing a superb job, but I found two problems. Firstly the DM and one or two of the players have perfect audio while Asharok was to me almost entirely inaudible every time he spoke. I have a hearing issue so that may be me but it does make hard to follow.

Secondly and I'll make this as polite as I can as this is your friend, I really felt the urge to mute Percy almost from the off and it continued through the episode.

I hope you don't take offence at this as it's purely my opinion and others may well have a far different listening experience to me. I apologize if I have upset you in any way with my candor but I cannot in good conscience tell you a lie either.

Well Doc, even though you won't be joining us, thank you for your feed back.

I appreciate that Asharok is a bit difficult to hear in the first one. I've had to tweak the audio on quite a bit. He's naturally very quiet, and we've been working with that, and I believe that issue has gotten a lot better in our following episodes.

I'm sorry that Percival rubbed you the wrong way, but not every character resonates with every listener. I certainly wouldn't take offence to your candor, and perhaps one day I'll be producing another podcast with an adventuring team you enjoy more.

Wayward Quest Episode 5.2- Slip Of The Tongue

Time to chop down that evil tree, and chock up one more in the W column. What's this? Kobold ambush? How could they possibly know? Well, looks like we're finding another way out. This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-52-slip-of-the-ton gue/

Wayward Quest Episode 6.1- Dragon, It’s What’s For Dinner

Back in Sandpoint, some light shopping, researching, and Dragon tartar? The only thing worse then killing a god is also eating it. Oh well, we were going to kill them all anyway, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-61-dragon-its-what s-for-dinner/

Wayward Quest Episode 6.2 - Kobolds To The Slaughter!

The Sunken Citadel Redux! Now re-armed, better equipped, and at least one party member on magical steroids, the party is ready to deal with the kobold infestation and finish clearing out the main level of the dungeon. The only thing standing in their way is a monster way above their paygrade. This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-62-kobolds-to-the- slaughter/

Wayward Quest Episode 7.1 - The Journey to Riddleport

Well, that was a nasty bit of business, wasn't it? Now back to Magnimar for some well deserved relaxation time, before heading off to Mos Eisley... I mean Riddleport. Boats and Cats and Pirates Oh My, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-71-the-journey-to- riddleport/

Wayward Quest Episode 7.2- Knocking on Pirate’s Door

Now in Riddleport, the party needs to find the pirate base before the sage arrives. Their only lead is a conspicious warehouse tied to smuggling. How ever will they get inside? Also, Philip goes darkside. This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-72-knocking-on-pir ates-door/

Wayward Quest Episode 8.1 - Monkey Business

With the pirate ship located, a quick stop to let Asharok make more mutagen goes horribly wrong, and we learn that boats are incredibly dangerous places. This Week, On Wayward Quest!


Wayward Quest Episode 8.2 - Finding the Pirates Cove

After defeating another band of small fry pirates, the party is left with nautical charts and some worrying information: The Pirate Leader has already boarded the vessel they were supposed to protect. With a quick lession in sailing from a one legged dwarf, the party is off to rescue their charge. This Week, On Wayward Quest!

http://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-82-finding-the-pira tes-cove/

Wayward Quest Episode 9.1 - Petty Bureaucracy

With the boss away, the party will play! But first, it's road trip time. Becoming deputy tax collectors, a quick trip to Honest Ed's Wagon Emporium, and a two week road trip to the totally not cursed town of Ravensmoor are what awaits the party This Week, On Wayward Quest!

http://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-91-petty-bureaucrac y/

Wayward Quest Episode 9.2 - Welcome to Ravenmoor

After only attempting to murder a small childs pet, the party arrives in swampsville, population: you. Actually, now that they're here, Ravenmoor doesn't seem so bad. Some expected racism, but we'll push through that because they're getting ready for the monthly festival! That should be fun, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-92-welcome-to-rave nmoor/

Wayward Quest Episode 10.1- Fine Country Hospitality

So far Ravenmoor's been a pretty chill place! Some fire jumping, some target throwing, and now the opportunity to wrassle a greased pig. What's not to love in this provincial town? Oh, the pig has mutated, and the town was long ago terribly cursed. Looks like Percy called it, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-101-fine-country-h ospitality/

Wayward Quest Episode 10.2 - The Oldest Trick In The Book

With the Festival winding down, the newly crowned Chell attempts to get at least one of these brave adventurers to leave a little something of themselves in Ravenmoor. It looks like Turnip is the one who is going to take her up on that offer. Now a part of him will stay in Ravenmoor forever.... unless the party can find him in time! This Week, On Wayward Quest!

https://waywardquest.podbean.com/e/wayward-quest-episode-102-the-oldest-tri ck-in-the-book/

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